Crt switchres missing?

Hi, I am trying to use lakka for my crt setup, but i noticed that “crt switchres” option is missing in retroarch. Why?

They have been hidden for non compatible devices. However, this does work with Lakka but you have to change the options from the retroarch.ini for now.

I been trying to get this restriction removed but it still has not happened.

But I can not find the options from the retroarch.cfg,I did remember crt switch work with x11, not kms or wayland

You are correct. It does work with X11 and not KMS or waylaid. However, it does work with the RPi’s video backend VideoCore. It has been working on RPi for years.

The options do still work if they are set from the CFG. The options are near the start of of the list. You also need to enable video_fullscreen.

The gm0.238 has supported mode switching on KMS. I can’t wait ra make it

its on its way. KMS switching is still beta on GM. Limited resolutions etc but so so close now.

I am working closely with Calamity and Substring>

Currently compiling to test RPI KMS switching

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Thanks for your great job!I expect lakka can support crt switch in kms