CRTHyllian: is it possible to increase the strength of its mask?


And if so, what are the parameters? I’m playing around with

vec4 dotMaskWeights = mix(
                             vec4(1.0, 0.7, 1.0, 1.),
                             vec4(0.7, 1.0, 0.7, 1.),
                             floor(mod(mod_factor, 2.0))

color.rgba *= mix(vec4(1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0), dotMaskWeights, PHOSPHOR);

and I can get a stronger mask, but messing up the gamma in the process…


That’s where you would do it, yeah. The dotMaskWeights function is the same one from cgwg’s crt-geom.


Cool… so hunterk, would you happen to know how I should modify those values to make the mask more prominent without changing the gamma too much (or at all ideally)?


the 0.7s are the mask. Make that lower to make it darker. That’s the best you can do with it, basically. You might try increasing the 1.0s to compensate /shrug


I’m (slowly haha) beginning to understand how it works. Haven’t been able to make the mask stronger without messing up the gamma, but I can compensate that with other parameters. It is now more visible, I find its default settings a bit mild. Thank you hunterk, for the nth time. If you can/feel like explaining how it works in further detail, I will be happy to read!


@hunterk, how curve the CRT Hyllian?



Try adding a pass of ewa-curvature (in anti-aliasing/shaders) after it. You’ll need to set a scale factor for the hyllian pass (4x looked good on my laptop, but play around with it to find what looks best) but ewa will fix a lot of the moire that normally comes with added curvature.