Cruis'n USA MAME calibration?


How do you get Cruis’n USA in MAME to work?

I’m stuck at the calibration screen…


“Enter” key is F2 by default.
You can change that in mame gui menu (tab key or button combo “Retropad Select + X”).

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THANK YOU for your reply!

Unfortunately that is not working for me. I installed Lakka in a MXQ 4k Pro and the default for F2 is “save state” and not “enter”. The enter key also does not help me. I actually pressed all the keys one by one and none of them is doing the trick… also: “select + X” or “start + X” on the retropad is not doing the trick…

Any suggestions? please help!

Can anybody share a saved state that’s already calibrated?


I found that MAME saves a nvram file to the next two folders:

/storage/savefiles/MAME 2003-Plus/mame2003-plus/nvram


I found a calibrated nvram file that when I rename it to crusnu40.nv for example for Cruis’n USA 4.0 the game starts without having to calibrate it… the game did not work very good… the file might be for another version… here’s the file:

If somebody can please share a calibrated nvram file and also the Cruis’n USA version it belongs to it would be very appreciated!