Custom Lakka build, compiling Lakka

Hey all,

I am trying to build a specific theme build of Sega emulators and nothing else on a RPI4. I’ve read the compiling documentation and package section. I’m missing how I can remove all other emulators and how to add an emulator like redream to the build.

When I compile everything it just comes out the default image. Long time ago I messed around with a file before I compiled Lakka and was able to compile a build with the emulators I wanted. It looks like that has changed. I need help, and not an expert in linux code. My motto is Google is my friend, but google has failed me in the area of finding help in Lakka custom compiling builds.

Thanks for and help you all can give.

Lakka only runs RetroArch and RetroArch only runs libretro cores, so you can’t add external programs like Redream to it.

ok, what about compiling a new Lakka with only libretro sega core emulators? That was my other question to not have all the default build emulators.

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Just delete the info files. RetroArch is extensible, the cores are the emulators. Just delete what you don’t want.

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Can you add other libretro cores besides the ones pre built into lakka. Like the wolf3d core just asking?

Yes you can but it is not recommended. You can add them to the cores/ in Lakka shares.

You should try to compile it by yourself with the Lakka toolchain or try the one from buildbot but we cannot guarantee it will work.

If you want to remove cores from the image build, just modify distributions/Lakka/options - look for LIBRETRO_CORES="..." and remove what you want (= don’t want to include in the image). Then the image will include only those cores you keep listed.