CyberLab Death To Pixels Shader Preset Packs

Ok more images directly from camera, i’ll update this with more samples from other games too

Thanks, not too many though. I still have to check the presets to see if I’m seeing any issues on my end.

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thank you, also i had noticed apparently blockyness on new images is more noticeable on dino crisis than with FFIX

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Okay, can you see if you can go in close on an area of white on the screen and focus on the phosphors please. So you can try and get one letter or part of a letter in a title screen in focus. I would like to see the actual phosphors in the Mask in a photo.

do you want me to get close to my screeen while there is game with the preset on a white area or do you want me to do that without the emulator?, here it is without the emulator, i can get even closer if you want,

I meant with the preset in one of the same games and emulators. You can try to capture a single letter or part of a letter in a title screen as an example. Be sure that the individual red, green and blue (or whatever colours you’re seeing) phosphor or subpixels are in focus. You really need to use 1/60 shutter speed for these pics.

These are the kinds of pics I’m talking about:

ok i’ll see if i can get any pictures similar to any of these

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Ok, i was able to capture it with macro camera, this is the farthest i can capture without distortion with my cellphone, maybe i could try another camera app but maybe aux camera will not work, i can also try with a better cellphone but that would have to wait till tomorrow

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Can you flip the Mask Layout to 0 then take the same pics as these last ones please?

I’m sorry but I can’t at the moment, I’ll take them in the morning, sorry for bothering too much with this

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to flip the mask layout is over the options that says between rgb and bgr? i gotta changed it to 0 right? this is with mask layout in 0

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Yes, that is correct. I’m trying to determine if the Mask Layout you’re using is correct for your display. Unfortunately that pic is a bit blurry compared to the previous ones so it’s still unclear. If you’re seeing evenly spaced red, green and blue phosphors (in that order) then that is the Mask Layout you should be using.

If you’re not getting that, then you can try the Mask Layout 1 and see if you’re getting evenly spaced red, blue and green phosphors (in that order).

When I looked at your previous photos with mask layout 1, the phosphors didn’t look evenly spaced in the second pic (at least in the center of the pic) but they look fairly evenly spaced in the first one so I guess you might be using the correct layout.

I took look at the PSX presets and based on my observations the 2 non-Drez presets seem normal. The 2 Drez presets didn’t look as I had expected them to look but I think I understand why they looked the way they looked.

They seemed very smoothed. Instead of trying 125 to add visible scanlines, you can probably try 50 for the opposite direction multiplier. However, I would avoid the Drez presets if the regular ones are working fine and not crashing with your internal resolution settings.

Also note that there are several other presets you can try. You don’t have to limit yourself to just the PSX presets.

Back to the Drez presets. They seemed to upscale the game to 640 x 480 and gave a soft, smoothed look. Since the Drezed resolution is 640 x 480 the scanlines are not that visible, especially at 1080p.

I wasn’t expecting the Drez preset to alter the image so significantly but I guess it does at least with the 480p version.

The 240p Drez would show the scanlines but it might also prevent hi res screens to look as they should.

I tried some of the stock, base Drez presets that come with the Mega Bezel Reflection Shader and besides the excessive curvature, I observed that same soft, smoothed image. However, I was able to disable the GSharp and that smoothness went away.

So you can try the various Drez base presets in the Shaders_Slang/Bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets/Base_Drez_Presets Folder and see if you’re having the same issues. If yes, then it’s not a CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack issue and could be something on your end with your TV setup or something with the HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader that might need some further explanation from HyperSpaceMadness in his feedback thread.

I used a newer version of HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader for my testing than 1.7.0 by the way. I really don’t want to go back to 1.7.0 in my personal system.

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OK I had noticed previously I don’t have much problems with non drez than with Drez, if drez is like it is maybe I’ll end up using normal preset, I will just send a picture of normal psx composite preset just to confirm if everything looks good and if it is, then everything will be solved from my part, thanks for all the feedback, maybe I’ll check the hsm drez presets and issue a report for mega bezel if there is something, thank you for all

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If you’re not having problems with the normal preset then there’s no reason to use the Drez presets. The only reason I included them was for users who experienced crashing with the more advanced presets.

i was using drez to get to higher resolutions, as i had noticed already too, going even above x1 will cause performance problems from my end with the recommended version of hsm and pixel shader, but i i will figure out something of running native with the normal preset, i had seen the emulator also has a “drez” option for games, i’ll check it out too

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ok this is how it looks like with normal composite

Okay, the only reason I asked for the close-ups was to help verify that you were using the correct mask layout for your display. Now that we’ve established that, I don’t really need any more of the zoomed in pics (at least without a larger sized reference).

I’n my testing all the non-Drez presets seemed to work and look exactly as expected. The Drez only looked different from what I expected because I hadn’t really tested them much so I really didn’t know what to expect. I incorrectly assumed they would look similar to the non-Drez presets.

If you have another display available to you, perhaps you can do some testing with that as well and see if you’re having the same issues.

i’m having now some problems with non scale again, but i don’t think i quite can get it for a general solution as much of games in psx change resolution quite a lot between transitions, fmvs and the game itself. i could retain some consistency with drez due that drez forced a resolution all the time, but we both know what that provoked, i had tried also changing mask layouts both won’t work neither, if this preset doesn’t work specifically on my display i think i’ll use another preset as alternative for my ps1 games, do you recommend any of them?

I recommend trying all of them, including the non Console Specific ones. If the issue is your display or settings, I have a feeling that you might run into issues with more than just the PSX presets. Maybe you can try the base Mega Bezel Reflection Shader Presets and see if they look right for you. That might help to narrow things down.

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i haven’t spotted that much of a problem with the other presets, they looked quite good for me, this is a sample from nes core blargg preset with s video filter first wth iso 1/60 and st