DeSmuME DS Core (any way to quickly toggle screens?)

Couple problems and questions:

I’m using Melon DS core to play Mario and Luigi Partners in time and the codes like max money/coins don’t work.

I tried DeSmuME DS core and the codes “do” work but I can’t switch back and forth between screens with a tap of the button like Melon DS. I have to go into the DeSmuME options and select what screen I want to currently view and that takes like 20 seconds…So I guess another question I have is:

Is there a way to easily switch back and forth between the two screen layouts top and bottom with DeSmuME without having to completely go into the options each time? Is there no option to toggle back and forth between screens with DeSmuME like there is with Melon DS?

If there is I’d just use DeSmuME because the codes are working with this core…Any help would be much appreciated.

After trying out MelonDS core (never used it) and re-reading what yer asking for, I understand better. That’s a neat little feature to have.

Edit #2: This may be what you are looking for DS/3DS screen hotkeys? In Quick Menu -> Controls, there is a button you can assign for quick screen swap.

Thank you you can indeed switch screens instantly by pressing in the right analog.

So my other question is: Why don’t codes work with Melon DS? Did that emulator not have cheat function?

According to the Libretro Docs page for MelonDS it does support Retroarch cheats, but not native cheats.

Native cheats meaning the ones you can load in from the cheats database? Because I tried those and they didn’t work…

The ones you access from the cheats database are the Retroarch ones. Native ones are accessed similar to how they are in their core’s standalone counterpart. Info taken from this thread from 2019

I tried the Retroarch cheats and they don’t work in the Melon DS core.