Discovering Sonkun’s crt-guest-advanced-ntsc Slot Mask presets

Blog Post: Discovering Sonkun’s crt-guest-advanced-ntsc Slot Mask presets

Hi all. I wrote a blog post about the Shader presets by Sonkun (you probably guessed it already). It mostly consists of screenshots with varying resolution showing off the default sets and compares them to a few other Shaders. There is also a video link with gameplay, so one can see it in action too. I will include here a few images too. My personal opinion is that these look good. I am a family of the Royale without bezels, but these presets look good too. I might use them for some alternate system setups.


  1. Make sure to update the RetroArch Shaders first. The presets we are going to download depend on the original “crt-guest-advanced-ntsc” Shader.
  2. Next, go to the forum post at Sonkun’s crt-guest-advanced-ntsc Slot Mask presets and scroll a little bit down after the screenshots. There is a download link for the package.
  3. Extract the .zip content. Take the folder “sonkun” and put it in the same directory where your other Shaders are, meaning put it under RetroArch folder > “shaders/shaders_slang”. On my system it is “/home/tuncay/.config/retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang/sonkun/”


Metal Gear Solid (Playstation)





Shinobi 3 (Mega Drive/Genesis)



Sonkun’s SlotMask Default Composite Shader at 1440p – Shinobi 3 on RetroArch: Genesis Plus GX


Holy sh… You really outdid yourself on this one, I’m over here reading the article as if I was just a regular end user myself going through each section in excitement. I can’t even describe how amazing this is to me to see my presets get this amount of love and exposure, it’s as if all the updates and tweaks I’ve done to these presets through the months lead to this moment right here.

Seriously I can’t thank you enough for this and I hope anyone that comes across your article enjoys it and my presets as much as I did making them. I love the left to right comparison shots, good stuff @thingsiplay.

Definitely gotta say thank you to @guest.r for even making any of this possible with his amazing shader and all the other users on this forum for helping me along the way with their advice.


I am glad you like it. Reading your excitement is cute and a honor. :slight_smile:

My goal is to show that there are other stuff than what comes pre installed with RetroArch. Especially because your stuff is good and wasn’t that exposed like the other good and established Shaders. It was an experiment for myself too, because I wanted to find out if this Shader pack is good for me, especially after your recent patches which gave the quality good amount of boost. All around, everything turned out well. While not using it as my default, I am happy with the results.


Cheers my guy :beers:, may we continue to have many more amazing gaming moments. I feel like my contributions here on the Libretro forums/RetroArch with these presets is just one more step forward towards enjoying our retro games of yesteryear with a nice crt effect and a good enhancement to enjoying RetroArch emulation in general.