Does Lakka support Android TV Box Remote?

I want to install Lakka onto an Android TV Box (RK3328) Internal Storage.

Will the Remote work for powering on and off?

The Remote works with Android TV OS and the RetroArch App, but Lakka is its own Linux OS and I don’t know if it has driver support for the Remote.

Or is the Remote controlled by the hardware and separate from the OS?

android box

I ask because I don’t know if I’ll be able to revert the Box back to Android once I do it.


If you are talking about HDMI CEC we don’t support it.

Thank you.

I’m not sure. The Android Box comes with a remote. I don’t think it’s controlled through HDMI.

It doesn’t interact with the TV, it interacts with the Android Box itself.

Sorry I made a mistake HDMI CEC is for controlling other devices.

If you want to use your remote control on Lakka I think we will have to enable lirc.

You can check this documentation.

But Lakka is aiming toward gaming console experience not media center so I am not sure we will enable it.

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