Dolphin NTSC Shader


Which NTSC shader for the Dolphin core: ntsc-320px-svideo ou ntsc-svideo?


CRT shader debate

I believe the 320px would be most appropriate.



Why the CRT Hyllian and Geom aren’t good in Dolphin core? The vertical and horizontal lines looks more thin and closer. The CRT effect is barely perceptible. Are these effects not suitable for resolutions above 320px?



It’s the vertical res that’s the issue there. Most Gamecube/Wii games run in 480i–the ‘i’ stands for interlacing, which crt-geom handles correctly. If you look closely (or hit the ‘p’ key to pause), you’ll see the scanlines flickering between lines on each frame.

It is possible to force 240 height in the shader, which will make the CRT effect more noticeable but it won’t actually be any more “accurate” to the original experience on a home TV except for the relatively few games that ran at 240p (I think Smash Bros Melee, for example).


Yes, I observed that the flickering is most noticeable.

Thank you for resolving my question.


I tested the hyllian 3D shader and I got the visual that I expected!


ntsc-320px + crt-hyllian-3d

  • Emulator internal res. 1x.
  • Shader X and Y res. 2x.

Obrigado, @Hyllian!