Dolphin on Lakka 2.2.2 with Tinker Board S Issues

Good evening, all.

So, I’m running into a minor SNAFU with the Dolphin core. It acts like it’s going into a game, then crashes out and goes back to my collection with an error message that says, “failed to open libretro core”. I’ve ensured rewind is off and HWSC is on. I’ve also tried doing the download content for the core, moving the Sys to /storage/system/dolphin-emu as well as downloading the one from GitHub and putting the Sys folder into dolphin-emu as well. I have also verified that the is in /storage/cores. Below is a link to a copy of my log. Please help!

Dolphin doesn’t work on any current variant of the Tinker Board as it only works on x86_64/ARM64 processors, and the Tinker Board/Tinker Board S only have a 32-bit ARM chip. Besides, the boards simply wouldn’t have the power for fullspeed GC/Wii emulation anyway.

Yeah, after researching, I realized that it’s a 32-bit processor. I thought it was 64-bit. I need to close this topic.