Dolphin remapping buttons to aimtrak gun

I have been trying to get the aimtrak gun working with dolphin in Lakka. I got the gun working with House of the Dead Overkill but the buttons are not assigned correctly. The reload button is the trigger and the trigger is the reload button. I cannot find a way to reassign the buttons.

If I change the input button configuration for the gun in input settings the changes do not seem to take affect. I have tried remapping the buttons in lakka input configuration both in game and from the lakka input settings. I have also tried changing the controller type to the various different wii controller configurations. It seems to me that the dolphin core has some hardcoded input configurations. (I hope I’m wrong).

Is there a way to configure the controller input’s for Dolphin from within lakka or on the OS level so that I can remap the buttons?

If it’s just for dolphin, the way to do it would be through quick menu > controls > port 1 controls. If you do it at a higher level, such as settings > input > port 1 controls, you’re going to mess it up for every other core.

Yes, its just for Dolphin. When I make any changes to the input via quick menu the buttons do not get reconfigured. For debugging purposes, Instead of the aimtrak gun I also tried using a mouse. I used a PS4 controller and mapped the mouse buttons to the Port 1 Controls. The mouse buttons work in the game but are the wrong way around and I still can not remap the mouse buttons. e.g. I cannot seem to find a way to map left click with trigger and right click with reload. The right click on the mouse will always be the trigger and the left click will always reload no matter what changes I make to the input controls in game.