[Done] Reshade Bloom.fx Port


I was wondering if this was something someone would be interested in doing?

I absolutely love the look you can get with it. Example:

Here’s the github for Bloom.fx

I’m not sure if the whole Shader needs ported over either, I’m thinking only the lens-flare and bloom are important.


Why not just use Reshade like you (or the one who made the video) do in the video?


Mainly because I was imagining that running Reshade on top of retroarch shaders would be more resource intensive.


I’m interested in this conversion too.


Iam not sure it would be less resource intense if you had the shader running in Retroarch instead. But I could be wrong. I know that Reshades bloom shaders sometimes can be quite demanding escpecially in higher resolutions.


Honestly I’m not sure really either.


I worked on porting it to slang:

It’s pretty demanding and I think it’s probably not working quite right, though I haven’t actually used it in reshade to know for sure.


Running reshade on top of RA is perfectly feasible, I do it all the time. In the crt showoff thread, every image I posted that corresponds to 480i/p systems and other high internal resolution content is using a combination of RA and reshade shaders. It forces me to use a triple buffer to keep things silky smooth, that’s the only thing to note. Other than that, the program itself is really light, easy to toggle on and off and its shaders are well made, they perform similarly to RA’s own.

Bloom and glow are always expensive by the way. I think they are in fact what make some crt shaders so gpu hungry.

I hope Nesguy won’t see that video. His eyes might bleed haha


Yeahhh… I figured out Reshade is light (depending on what your doing), lol.

I’m pretty you’re right about the crt shaders, also I feel like shaders that have more math going on causes a shader to be heavier as well, but that’s completely speculation on my part.

Nesguy would be sad from this video, lol. He did try a bloom multipass shader I was hacking together, he didn’t suggest burning it with fire and he also seemed to dare I say almost like it (I destroyed the black levels and made the mask turn into a rainbow from bloom I think).