Dosbox problem

Dosbox don’t run. Games on dos don’t run. But I can select core and start this core but nothing happens.

Can you specify exactly what happens when you do “Start Core”?

Dosbox stops and back to the menu . With games it’s exactly same

You need to get a log. No idea how that is done on Lakka though. Normally on Linux, you enable logging in the RetroArch settings and you start RA in a terminal, where you see the log output.

I too , may somebody can help without log beacause i don’t see that log :confused:

Enable advanced option 1st…more options will appear…also what type of roms are u trying to load?..I use android but it’s all the same…they should not be zipped honestly…I use individual conf files that I made for every game (approx 500) … some games require different settings…that was on an old core…any updated cores probably has improvements to make it easier for ppl but my setup was perfect so I had no need to update the core

Hello everyone,

I have a RPi zero with Lakka 2.3.2 and it seems I don’t have any DOS core installed. Do you know how I can install a DOS core or how I run DOS games on it?

Thank you in advance!

DosBox Tutorial for Lakka