[Download] RetroArch 1.7.6 iOS 11 (& iOS 12) ipa + extras (Updated v2)


Have you experience building tvOS version of RetroArch? This guide https://docs.libretro.com/guides/install-ios/ give no build on Xcode 10.1 for tvOS 12.1( RetroArch 1.7.6 for tvOS 12.1.2 compiling and working very good! After install Xcode 10.2. Saturn working too. Pcsx rearmed looking fantastic!


When installing provenance 1.5 v.2770 with impactor on iOS 11 the app does not start, but crashes, when you try to open it. I added the Bios folder, but that did not help either, the app still won’t start. Any help?


Why can’t I see the attachment?


hi, and thank you so much for the files, I’ve been using them for a long time, on jailed and unjailed iphones. currently I’m like a lot of people, jailbroken with unc0ver (at long last) and still installing retroarch any chance I get. but I’ve ran into a small issue with nControl, a cydia tweak that allows the use of various controllers as mfi devices, and I was hoping to use my xbox one x controller with retroarch… but the controls binding as proven to be quite challenging, particularly with psx emulation which requires all available buttons. I think retroarch isn’t getting that they come from a xbox controller through the nControl tweak: I can bind most button just fine but start and select buttons on the controller are detected as being left directionpad and A button or something like that. L3 & R3 are not detected but thats something from the tweak itself as the dev said himslef. what can I hope to do with that, do retroarch devs can do something, or is it all because of the tweak being faulty ? I really want to make it work, I’d be grateful if you could help me (us)


Hey, you’re welcome ! :wink:

It must be an issue with the tweak…

When using RetroArch with a mfi controller, mfi as your input driver, buttons are configured according to the mfi specs — maybe your controller type, or revision, or something has not been tested yet with the tweak, and doesn’t have correct values for all the buttons…

The mfi certification doesn’t have L3 and R3 buttons, but there has been a recent update to nControl that claims to support them, I don’t know how (maybe defining them as other mfi specific buttons…) but you could try to update the tweak to 1.2.0-1 or later, if you didn’t update yet…

BTW: neither are a Start nor Select in the mfi certification, only a “Menu” button which is kind of a Start button… I plan to test the tweak in the future, but I have only Dual Shock 4 and Joy-Con controllers to test with !


oh, so no start and select button… pretty standard tho, but it makes sense in the end, no need for a select button on an iphone game. but wasn’t the previous controller4all tweak NOT limited to mfi controllers, hence the fact there wasn’t any issues ? but it’s almost possible to go past that and make sacrifices, for example, vagrant story on psx can be played without L2 and R2 so start and select can go there, and as for other games at least retroarch has this neat feature that is game profile overrides… anyway, even tho I updated as soon as possible, nothing changed. ah well, I can live with that. thank you !


Can you reupload the file please?


@kaka8330 @datdemon All the files are still there !

I specifically use MediaFire because they never delete my files, even if there is a takedown request — which happened only once for me, and it was on a Windows 10 HWID generator, which was detected as having a virus inside — they just block the files to other people, but I still can access them !

What is the error you get ? Is MediaFire blocked in your country or something ?


Can’t install with Cydia Impactor. Just doesn’t working. Other apps are working just fine, but RetroArch just crashes every time. iOS 12.2 iPhone 6s Plus Cydia Impactor 0.9.51


Do you mean other apps installed with Cydia Impactor work fine ?

What is the error, could you put it on your device or is it an error with Cydia Impactor ?

I don’t want to lose my jailbreak so I didn’t install iOS 12.2 on any of my iDevices, maybe it’s an issue with newer iOS…

If you could install it, and it does indeed crash, try to send the crash report with pastebin or something… (Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics -> Analytics Data -> RetroArchxxxxxx.ips)


I don’t have any jailbreak on my iPhone 6s Plus. I have used Cydia Impactor to install RetroArch 1.7.6v2 but it’s didn’t work - Cydia Impactor just dissapear (no crash report, no errors). Meanwhile other apps installed with Cydia Impactor work just fine. I think it’s this .ipa problem because RetroArch from tweakbox works fine for me.


You can’t be jailbroken if you’re on iOS 12.2, the latest public jailbreak is for 12.1.2…

I actually tweeted @TweakBoxApp to ask them to update to the latest RetroArch, but they still provide an old version with non-functionnal cores, maybe believing the more the better, but they didn’t test them all…

If Cydia Impactor crashes, then the problem is with your Cydia Impactor; you can try to install another ipa, and tell me the results…

If it still crashes though, you may have to :

  1. fix your system to work with Cydia Impactor again, like you used to obviously…
  2. install another OS (a Linux distro, macOS… or even a “clean” version of Windows), even in a VM !
  3. or use another computer…


I am having the same issue as datdemon (Cydia Closing without warning) when I try to use cydia impactor to install retroarch 1.7.6 on any of my IOS 12 devices. I doubt it is Cydia impactor as I can sign other IPA without issue


It’s not Cydia Impactor problem because I have issues only with RetroArch from this thread.


Well, I fixed this. Just deleted all files but pcsx_rearmed_libretro_ios.dylib in /modules/ and archive again. I have a question: can i connect MFi Bluetooth/USB-C Controller to RetroArch?


Glad to see you fixed it, I will investigate the issue thanks to your feedback…

Of course RetroArch works fine with mfi controllers, just select mfi as your input driver !


Are the BIOS folders removed from the package?


If you think the BIOSes are why @TweakBoxApp doesn’t want to upload my version of RetroArch, remember they provide pirated apps… :smile:


hey man, I thinking of something else; it’s about scummVM; I’ve given up on this one since long ago because of the impossibility to hide the keyboard. apparently it was auto-hiding in landscape mode with previous ios versions but not anymore. I just have to ask, the “smart keyboard fix” has nothing to do with that, right ? I guess it’s bearable for large screen devices, but I’m personnaly with an iphone SE so it’s kinda VERY small. is it something that can/will get fixed someday ? I’d search for answer myself but since jailbreaking had taken a huge pause since ios11-12 and the whole certificates crap, the subjects covering ios had become very rare in the emulator community


@personagrata It was just fixed earlier this year, actually, in february as I noticed…

I just updated the first post with a new version containing this fix !

Just swipe three fingers up or down to force the keyboard to show/hide, but it will be automatically hidden in landscape mode…