Dualshock 3 not recognized properly on lakka box

Hi, I’m to dumb to know how to start new thread because I can’t find my problem in this forum I want to tell about it. I successfully add my PS3 controllers dualsix and sixaxis to lalka. I had to configure buttons by my self (don’t know why) but on both of them right analog dot recognize right and left moves - buttons, but it recognize up down (y). Does anyone had that issue? I’m uussing newest lakka for mxq pro android box.

Hi. It’s been AGES since I played around with any of this stuff so I’m not really in a position to comment. I’m case it helps (I doubt it does….!), I seem to remember that never found a solution to my ‘problem’ of not being able to switch the thumb stick controls round the other day. Good luck with it.


I still use a DualShock 3 on Lakka (both RPi4 and x64 systems) and I’ve not had an issue pairing them or using them in general. At default settings all the buttons are configured correctly for me, and the rumble works fine etc.

To connect/pair you just need to connect a USB cable initially, press the PS button to sync (so the lights aren’t flashing), then remove the cable and press the PS button again and it should sync in wireless mode. After that it’ll just sync/shutdown automatically as you use the system.