Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

It is not quite finished yet. I am adding a few keyboard keys and waiting to hear back from the BlueMSX devs on some extended character symbol info.


It looks so good that I thought it was already :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Marvelous job! This specific Sony model is so classy looking piece of hardware. The design inspiration directly resembles cyberdecks from 80’s cyberpunk aesthetic that I always admire :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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TV4 is a flat CRT TV, and I’m thankful you took the request back in the day. It’s not looking right in the screenshot, it’s curved there and the Samsung logo somehow ended up on the screen.

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The curve is intentional. ( It can be changed in the parameters.) I will fix the Decal.:grin:


I bring you another update of the arcade theme, six more and there are already 24, this time it is Atlus, Capcom, Cave, Jaleco, Psikyo and Raizing.

I’m just saying that Atlus doesn’t have a vertical version, it has vertical games but they are actually from Cave, Atlus only licenses them.

Next six, Tad corporation, Nichibutsu, Mitchell, Bally Midway, Stern electronics and PGM (Polygame master) and then only the last six will remain. :smile:


Here’s a WIP of the MSX2.

Lots of work still, before this one is done. :grin:

Still waiting for a response from my email to the BlueMSX dev. Does anyone know if they are a member of this forum?


Pretty close to done with this one. I have one or two small details I want to add, then a serious OCD pass and we are there.

Some things are probably never going to be perfect… I tried to use as much of my MSX source as I could, (One good reason for doing models from the same manufacturer.) for the most part I just copied the keyboard characters from the MSX. I have not done a close inspection so there may be some differences I missed. (Besides any obvious changes I was forced to make.)

All things considered, I am pretty happy with it. :grinning:


God how good the MSX2, how many details, I love it, the keys give it a special charm, this has been a really excellent job.

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I decided not to wait to add the MSX and MSX2 to the repo. If I get any responses to my requests for info I may make some very small updates to text and/or symbols later.

Here are some final shots.

For a small window into my pain and suffering, here is an example of how I did some of my keyboard characters.

For the main Japanese Kanji I used a Wikipedia Japanese keyboard layout that happens to be vector.

I looked through MANY images and visually compared them to the vector map, then cut and pasted them into my project, before coloring, sizing, and placing them in the appropriate position on the appropriate layer.

For the extended character and function symbols I used an MSX font chart as a source layer and created the vectors myself.

This was needlessly complicated because, for some reason, SONY decided to put the symbol coinciding with the “1” key on the font chart, on the “2” key etc. For at least one key I had to just make an educated guess. :upside_down_face:

Anyway. :crazy_face: These are in the repo. This brings the completed cores/systems to 78. :partying_face:

I am going to attempt the Virtual Boy next. I may work on it in bits and pieces as I continue the list, (It will probably be the toughest graphic I have ever done.) or I may just plow through it. :grin:

Wish me luck.


Your work and your attention to details is delightful! this thread is pure gold! Again, thank you sooo much!!


Thank you for your kind words. I hope you are taking advantage of the Git installation/update method and presets.:grin:


I love that you keep the essence of Duimon just adding what it needs to complete the FDS. Thank you very much!

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I try to be as faithful as possible to Duimon, it is not difficult considering that the material is his :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

The Famicom Disk System I want to see if I can improve it or make another version, if I can not improve it I will launch it like this, better than having nothing. :smile: :smile:

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I’m not ready to make a commitment yet, but I have been toying with the idea if doing a graphic for the FDS, Satellaview, and 64DD.

The main reason I haven’t is because it doesn’t make physical sense to see the front of those add-ons when you are looking at the top of the console.

It occurs to me that many of my computer system graphics only show the front of the system. It would be within my mission to do a graphics that show, for example, the front of the Famicom on one side of the bezel, and the FDS on the other.

This would also hold true for an alternate version of the Sega CD.


Well I have made a 64DD, I always use your material and put the extension below as it would be in real life, it is a prototype but not bad.


sega cd front loading? :wink: nice 64dd congrats :wink: MSX is absolutly not my priority but…now it is… Very good job thx a lot

That would be the idea. I still haven’t committed, and these would be very low priority if I did so…

OK. This is pretty cool!

Nintendo Virtual Boy!!! :grin:

And for those of you with anaglyph glasses or a VR headset…

I have absolutely no idea how true to life this is. I was going off an existing graphic that was obviously Photoshop hacked together.

I may do some research on the device so I can properly name the layers in my source, but I will probably not change the graphic, even if it is wrong. (How real does something like this actually have to be? :wink:)

I learned some very interesting and useful techniques for this one. :partying_face: (The work on the face cushion alone took several hours. :upside_down_face:)

I told my lovely wife that this was the toughest graphic yet and her response was… “I think the toughest one was the first one.” …I guess she is probably correct. :crazy_face:


If you don’t mind I wouldn’t mind making some systems with front plugins, I would always name them with the system name followed by _Alt so that in the future your shader is the first choice.

I hadn’t planned on doing it, I just wanted to make some systems that you didn’t want for obvious reasons like the 64DD or the Famicom disk system, but after finishing the arcade I wouldn’t mind doing it.

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