Duimon - HSM Reflection Shader - Graphics - Feedback and Updates

How would I get two separate cores (Genesis Plus GX for Genesis, and bsnes-mercury-accuracy for SNES) that I use the same shader (crt-guest-sm) on , have their respective graphics? I did what was mentioned above about saving a core/game preset, but the preset only says this in the file for both presets:

#reference “…\shaders\shaders_slang\crt\hsm-mega-bezel-reflection-crt-guest-sm.slangp”

Genesis works fine, as that is the background image I have in the crt-guest-sm.slangp file. But if i go to load an SNES game in bsnes-mercury and apply the shader, it will show the Genesis overlay graphics.

Did I miss a step? TIA

Whenever you load a preset with the intent to save it right away as a new preset you need to change at least one parameter, any parameter. Otherwise it will just reference the shader, which is what you are seeing.

I usually change the bezel brightness by a fraction. You can always change it back later.

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@Duimon Thanks again for the awesome work. I’m looking for the day version of the HSM images, are those in your github?

Yes. In a folder named “logo”, or “plain” if you prefer. :wink:

Well this was a “fun” one. :grimacing: Still have a bit of work to do but I thought I would share the current WIP of my new graphic…

The DOSBox vector!!

Monitor is a bit more modern (At least the inside part.) than my raster version. Still deciding if I want to change it. I will be including one with just the background so you can use the default bezel if you like.

This graphic kind of blows my mind. It’s crazy that vector can look like this. :open_mouth:


Some new magic is happening!! :astonished:

HSM did a bunch of things which will make night mode a breeze for anyone to do.

I will have a “Night_Overlay.png” and source in my HSM Graphics repo. All night bezels will be moved to my RA Overlay repo. Instructions for applying night mode will be in the night repo readme.

I am working on some ideas to keep the lit LEDs in graphics that have them. (Fingers crossed. :wink:)

I am also working on some alternative lighting overlays to give you more choices. :grin:

An example of what can be done with this is setting a simple night mode preset using a thebezelproject image, then using my scripts to generate 1000+ night version presets of the graphics in mere minutes. :grin:

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Here is the DOSBox WIP in night mode using the new method.

And with a lit LED!

The Lit LED requires a modified top layer image overlay. I will be including them for systems that have lit LEDs but, since they are derived from existing source, there will be no individual led source PSDs. (They are 51MB each. :astonished:)

Note that without lit LEDs the bezel can be freely resized, but with lit LEDs, if the bezel intersects an LED, (Gamecube) they will have to be a specific size. So you can make your own choice of top layer image.

I may do a tutorial PDF on the method I used to derive them.

I will notify you when the repos have been updated. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is one with the new Bezel + BG gamma turned down a bit.

I think it looks even better. (Lots of room to play now that the shader does most of the work!)


I’m loving your work. What are you planning for mame, naomi, mvs and other arcades?


I have a few ideas for MAME that are waiting for things further along HSMs shader roadmap.

For Naomi I will probably do a vector version of this…

From my “Arcade Originals” project.

Maybe a Candy Cab also.

I’m really just concentrating on RA core system graphics so when it comes to breaking down things like “Arcade”, it’s not really part of my mission, and I’m not planning on doing any per game stuff.

Of course when the time comes, there will be source for the MAME graphic, so maybe some other enterprising artist will do a bunch of per game stuff with it. :grin:

(I will design it with this in mind.)


First off,I really like your work. and just always check what you have come up with. Anyway, I’ve been doing some vertical mame game bezels. And I like the consoles that you have been doing and just wonder (not request), what you would do with a vertical version of your overlays. have you tried? just curious, but do hope you might have some experiment laying around you might want to share :wink:

keep it up and stay safe…


This also sounds interesting to me. It could be because I plan to get a vertical setup one of in the next year :slight_smile:

When you say “Vertical” do you mean like the 4K vertical in your link or a Vertical version for games with a vertical orientation. For the latter only MAME and Naomi are on my list. (Maybe FBA)

For the 4K vertical, I could try (Since everything is vector and adjustable) to square things up and see how they look for a drop-in replacement to the square bezel portion of your example graphic.

Let me play a bit. :wink: Of course I would only do system themes.) I would have to do console logo Marquees) and I would make them first HSM borders and second RA Overlays. Sounds like fun!

I have had my eye on these 4K Vertical things. I have a small office and it would make great space saving cabinet (Just a wall mount screen) with my X-Arcade control panel. (Maybe build a rolling stand for it.) (Also thinking about putting an ODROID inside the X-arcade CP.)

Well… it seems I talked long enough to get myself feeling a bit committed. (Don’t tell my wife. She’s already calling this my “New Never Ending Project”. :grin:)

@HyperspaceMadness How would we go about applying the shader to an image with this size and orientation?

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Yeah I was talking about the 4k vertical aspect ratio. So sideways monitor style. I even took the living room tv and tried it out

Here it is with one of ArsInvictus’ overlay

It is quite striking in person, really feels a lot like there’s an arcade machine in front of you.

For the Mega Bezel it can be used just like it is for the horizontal setup, you may need to use the positioning controls to move it up or down.

There’s a second way which ArsInvictus uses (he also uses the Mega bezel) where the screen area is placed & sized with the retroarch video options and the image is a standard retroarch overlay. This has an advantage of reducing the viewport size and therefore running faster.

If you’re making the graphics from scratch though and aren’t trying to do something with existing arcade artwork/bezel using the mega bezel the normal way is going to be more flexible


Here’s a quick and dirty using my WIP MAME graphic. (Depends on the 3D bezel for tilting. I could eliminate the tilt and square things up but that wouldn’t add anything to the existing art style and I like to turn things up a bit.) I think the bezel art will have to be exported to PS and layered in but that would make this an easy template.

Do you think it is worth pursuing? (Just a quick and dirty, still needs loads of work. :grimacing:)

With a marquee. (Used the PS layering)

And tilting eliminated.


I like it, especially the one without the tilt. Very clean. Just need to think what there could be in the part under the bezel. (Was even thinking what if you had the console under and something else around the bezel.) Anyway just keep trying what you think, as it looks cool already. I would give it a try, but feel this is more your thing and you have a nice style.

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Yes I think that reusing my existing art isn’t really what’s called for here. If I move forward with this I will create art specific for this type of setup. Parts of this are a good start.

For now this idea will go on the back burner, until I finish all the normal stuff.


Love this, Duimon. Super cool look.

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How did you add the shadows at the corners? Looks amazing.

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Thank you for your kind words. If you are referring to the gradient on the bezel, that is my vector bezel I used for this mock-up. The same thing can be done to HSMs bezel using a gradient as a top layer image and using the proper top layer image mask and blending mode. (newer features)

I have decided that consoles and classic arcade cabinets just don’t mix so have taken a different path. I asked myself what Nintendo might have done and have this WIP…

It is still a mock-up (not a live screenshot) but should look the same live. I have some minor work to do still but I think this is an idea I can move forward with.

The idea is to use the same general template but add features and colors relative to each console.

The best thing is that it is all still 100% vector!