Easy to understand!

I love how the site here makes it easy to understand how to install Lakka, and points out how certain things NEED to be to ensure your games are working right. I love that they essentially make it a “Dummies Guide” For Lakka when it comes down to getting my stuff working and how the forums are so easily accessible and how people look like they are so willing to help others figure out how to get this system up and running the way you want/need it. Thank you devs and forum members for making it easy for me to get my emulator rig set up! I very much appreciate the effort you all put here!

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I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Gracious and grateful users like you make us want to work even harder to make this free project do everything you want and more, and I’ll be sure to pass along your praise to our army of Customer Support Associates whose job it is to make sure everything works exactly as you think it should.