Eighty One Core doesn't support ZX Spectrum?

Hi, I recently installed Lakka 3.2 on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

I was hoping to play some Spectrum games so I fired up Eighty One and opened a TZX file, but it appears this is an older version of Eighty One and doesn’t support Spectrum games?

I also tried the same core on my PC and it also doesn’t seem to support Spectrum games either.

So I would guess this is the case; unless I am doing something wrong?

And if this is the case I was wondering if the Fuse core is planned for the Pi 3 B+ version of Lakka in the future; or if this is even possible?

I just miss playing Spectrum games on the Pi :wink:

81-libretro only emulates the Sinclair ZX81 for TZX you need to use fuse core

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As mentioned in https://www.libretro.com/index.php/final-burn-neo-1-0-0-02-release/, FBNeo is also a very solid addition to the ZX Spectrum emulator roster, however it requires usage of romsets, and i’m not too sure about the performances on the likes of a pi3.

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Thank you @Demetris the Fuse core does not appear to be available on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ version of Lakka; unless it is available to download? (the Pi is not online).

And thank you @BarbuDreadMon I did briefly try using FBNeo but the game didn’t load. I had a quick look at the DAT and it looks like FBNeo uses .TAP files so I will use that format and filter my ROMs to match the DAT and try again.

The only area I’m not so sure about is BIOS; I read a brief guide that said the BIOS should be with the ROMs (I also spotted they are contained in the DAT file); but I also wondered if I can create a ‘fbneo’ folder in the ‘system’ folder and place any required BIOS files in there? Do you know if they would be recognised?

Also, I found a list of the BIOS required here (which appears to include some of the BIOS files from the main spectrum DAT but not all) https://docs.libretro.com/library/fbneo/ and wondered if there is a DAT available for those files so I can be sure I have the correct versions?

The bios files can be placed in rom folder, system/fbneo folder, or system folder, whichever is fine for you.

There is no dedicated dat file for bioses, the bioses are parts of their system’s dat file.

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Thanks again all :blush: :+1:

I managed to get the games loading; the only thing I’m missing is an on-screen keyboard so I can play with just a controller :sweat_smile:

Apparently there is a port of FUSE for the Raspberry Pi, so I wondered if it is possible that a Core may become available in the future?