Fake PS3 controller constantly vibrates


It’s not a new issue for me, but my fake chinese PS3 controller (I think the system recognizes it as “Shanwan”) constantly vibrates even when I turn that feature off on the Input menu. I have a passing memory of other people having similar issues quite a long time ago, but it’s still happening. Is there a fix\workaround besides cutting off the motors’ wires inside the controller?

Does it say only “Shanwan” or “SHANWAN PS3 GamePad”

the latter was fixed in 2017: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/drivers/hid/hid-sony.c?h=v5.6-rc2&id=492ca83c3d19fba1622164f07cd7b775596a7db2

If it’s a new revision of the Shanwan pas that just say “Shanwan”, then it would be a trivial fix. Probably a simple udev rule would suffice.

It does say SHANWAN PS3 GamePad, but even so it still has the issue. Was this fix across all platforms? So far I’ve only used Lakka exclusively on x86_64 PCs.

This doesn’t happen with Retroarch (as a program, not an OS) on either Windows or PS3.

Seems the kernel version for Lakka 2.3.2 x86-64 is 5.1.x so that means that the fix should already be in the driver. (it’s also backported to at least 4.19.x) At least on paper you shouldn’t have this problem but…

edit: seems the kernel in Lakka 2.3.2 is using Linux 4.11.12. That explains it.

Yeah 4.11.12 which is pretty old. I had a controller issue as well and patched the xpad kernel module for Lakka 2.3.2 which you may be able to leverage if you want to go down that route: