Fakelottes with pixel blending built in

Hi there

I absolutely love the Fakelottes shader: it does exactly what I need, with moderate system requeriments.

However, would it be possible to modify it for pixel blending? Nothing fancy, simply the typical pixel blending that affects all the screen, no need for “intelligent” anything.

My idea is that a Fakelottes variant with pixel blending would be ideal for MegaDrive/MegaCD emulation which, as it’s known, have MANY games that rely on this “artifact” to do transparencies, etc…

Looking at the code, seems it should be possible… any ideas?

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Yes, it’s definitely possible, at the cost of some speed. You might be better off doing pixel blending in one pass and then putting fakelottes on top of that.

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Ah! In the end, I combined gdapt-pass1.slang as the 1st pass and fakelottes as the second pass, with also setting Shader Filter to Linear for Fakelottes, and I got… well, I got MegaDrive perfection.

All this runs fullspeed on a Pi4 using Vulkan on Wayland with a 2 buffer swapchain. Wow!

Thanks as always, Hunterk! You are incredible!