Favorite Shader(s) for Composite

I was curious about what shaders others are using for a composite-like look, so I started this thread.

Will hopefully later update first post with top suggestions and some screens from other users replies.

I’m a big fan of “artifact colors,” as it can be used to generate accurate colors from things like Apple IIe. Other than that, maister’s NTSC (the one just called ‘ntsc’ in the repos) is top of the heap, IMO, but I’m also very impressed by the faux NTSC effect from crtsim’s composite pass.


For me is composite from Analog Shader Pack (cg)

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My all-purpuse shader is gtu-v050 somethimes with crt-geom as 3th pass.
Most of the time i add image-adjustment as well.

Alternatively i use the whole crt-easymode-halation as 3th+ pass. (doesn’t work with slang unfortunately)


Crtsim with mask disabled and fakelottes as last pass.

That one not blend the dithering correctly. This is Comix Zone with tv-out/image-adjustment/fakelottes.

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this is what i am using, a combination of gtu-v050 and crt-geom in the end. Not bad.

I found the ntsc texture for Crtsim to not tile and cause seams. You can see this in @1001010 sonic screenshot. Here is my fix in conjunction with the Mame_hlsl shader.

My preferred composite is Mame_hlsl with the two ntsc adaptive passes sitting on top. I have rolling scanlines and find the artifacting to be more in motion vs Crtsim. (On a side not I can’t find any real composite screenshots of the sonic waterfall with diagonal rainbowing. I have only found vertical ones.)

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Mame hlsl has rolling scanlines?

There is a scanline crawl toggle at the top and a setting to control the speed towards the mid bottom.

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