Finding a good simple scanlines shader


I know there are several topics talking about crt shaders, all very good. So why am I making another such topic? It’s because I’m made a mad looking for a simple crt shader, just lines on the screen. I could use a Sony PVM - RGB, but when I use it, it only gets a white image on the screen, and with several other shaders I’ve seen. So could you help me? I just need this and I’m satisfied, no curvatures, effects that simulate monitors, nothing. Just a shader of scanlines. Thanks in advance.


There are several in the ‘misc’ directory. Plain ol’ ‘scanline’ looks pretty good at non-integer scales, interlacing and scanline-fract require integer scaling to not look like total garbage, and scanline-sine-abs very lightweight and straightforward.


So, you refer to the “misc” folder inside the shader folders right? So the RA found nothing.


They’re all single shaders, not presets.


But how do I select then? So far, I’ve only used presets. Sorry, but, i’m a noob.


I think is while in game bring up the menu (f1) got to Shader>set shader passes to 1>select the 1st pass and press accept button (x or z from default config) … then you ll have to browse to the desired shader


Ah, beauty. I already had. Thank you anyway.


I personally use interlacing.glsl as the basis for all my scanlines in shader presets now. I absolutely adore how simple it is, and best of all there’s an optional interlacing effect in it’s settings that will automatically kick in for those games that like to change internal resolution between 240p and 480i.

<3 this shader. - Just make sure you turn on that integer scaling. It can be annoying at first but once you get used to it - it’s really quite great.