FLAT CRT Fullscreen 16:9 Overlay (with day and night support)


Very nice. I’m starting to experiment with overlays but I like very simple, unobtrusive designs like this.


Just a question, how do I convert those for 2560x1440 ?


I do not use resolutions over 1080p, but I can advice you to do the following:

Load a Game (I recommend using the “Konami” Intro because it makes the whole screen turn white)

Once the Game/Intro is Loaded (you need to be able to identify the borders of the picture), press F1 or whatever button you have assigned to show the RA menu.



And now you should be able to see the screen and the overlay.

Now you just need to go to OPTIONS/VIDEO and play around with the numbers :slight_smile:

Let me know how it worked for you :slight_smile:



Thanks for the advice ! But, I answered your question on the other topic, I linked you solid12345’s topic (Analog Shader Pack version 3 is HERE!), it has the link to his shaders.



Really liking you crt overlays! Any plans to release Overlays for older tv models from the 70-80? I’m a sucker for old wood tv’s :grinning:


Yes, i’m planning on designing some more models! :smiley:


Yes I found the link you shared TY!

Were you able to adjust parameters with the instructions I gave?



Hey @exodus123456, Im getting used to this shader man, its the way I like it, clean, simple and useful. The config part is easy to do, but it demands some work if you want to use this overlay and change config system by system, the easier way is to use notepad++ and edit all configs at once.

I wonder if theres an easy way to turn your overlay and other TV borders as shaders, like the handheld shaders we have, they have the border and the effects, etc, that would be nice, I mean, keep this as overlay, but also being able to use as a shader if you want to, since shaders dont need fine tune like in the overlay.



Good to know this overlay works for you, I’ll be uploading some more designs, please keep an eye on them too :slight_smile:

If you want to use a different overlay for each system you can use the “SAVE CORE OVERRIDES” or if you want to go beyond that, just use the “SAVE GAME OVERRIDE”, unless you are reffering to something else :sweat_smile:


@exodus123456 I’m talking about shader that incorporates the border and the screen effect, in this case we have one for Game Boy, for me it looks really authentic in a 40" screen, this border/shader covers a widescreen TV keeping the original Game Boy games aspect ratio:

I know it’s not your goal here, and your overlay works fine, but I think if overlays like yours could be converted into shaders, it would be much easier to use, in the end, once you load the exodus shader, for instance, it should fit the screen and add the effect with one single click, no need to mess with X, Y, height and width since it’s the shader that will load automatically. In the game boy shader of the screenshot, I only need to make sure I set aspect ratio to 16:9, otherwise the Game Boy border won’t show up correctly.

It’s just an idea though, I bet most end users would benefit from shaders like this.


kind of ; but I don’t really like to adjust the settings manually, as I’m not really sure it’s good ; I would prefer an automated method of calculation. But it works anyway, so thanks for everything. :slight_smile:


Quick question, out of curiosity : while adapting the image settings to fit my 2560x1440 screen, I noticed that your settings (Ratio Width: 1373 /Ratio Height: 1018) do not match the 4 : 3 nor even 5 : 4 ratio ; 4 : 3 with a 1373 width should have a height setting of 1030 pixel. Yet, it fits perfectly with your overlay which is a 4 : 3 TV. Strange ? Or not ?



My bad :yum: I just fixed it, please check the correct measures in the first post :slight_smile:

This tool may help too: http://size43.com/jqueryVideoTool-4x3.html


Absolutely, that seems a great idea, do you have any link with some more info? I may give it a read/try if I have the time :slight_smile:


Sorry I don’t, it was just a suggestion, thinking in end users with an easier way to use yours and other overlays, by converting it as shader, I have no idea how to do that though.


That’s the tool I used to make my calculations. :smiley: What’s weird is that when I use it for my monitor, I get really strange results…


Kind of a long shot, but maybe you don’t have a correct 16:9 aspect ratio, TV’s have some zooming options that can mess image, for instance my LG TV has (among others) “16:9” and “Original” and if I select “16:9”, the screen gets zoomed, but if I select “Original” the image borders are perfecly adjusted.


But it’s not a TV, it’s a computer monitor.


Can you please make 720p versions of this great overlays?



You should be able to use them on a 720p monitor, you only need to adjust the video configuration to match your screen, please go to the official topic and comment if you have any more doubts or if you want to check the other designs:


See you there!