Flat gamepad overlays


This is a set of flat gamepad overlays I did, based on PPSSPP standalone overlay. There are 16 overlays in total, you can find them in overlays/gamepads/flat/ folder

Some of them have different sizes (A & B overlays), others have different types / buttons position, like Genesis and PSP.

You can use it with the overrides files enabled, so it’ll automatically load an overlay for each Core, just go to Settings --> Configuration --> Load Override Files Automatically = ON, download [b]this config[/b] and put it on your folder you configured in Settings --> Directory --> Config Dir

RetroArch has a little problem when load overlays, so choose the retropad-fast.cfg as the default gamepad overlay instead retropad.cfg (which is more complete but slow to load, depending on your device).

Take a look at the gallery:

Galerie: Flat gamepad overlays for RetroArch

Looks great and they feel good, too. I played around with them some this past week and was very satisfied.

Is the combo like SMW Y+B working? I gave on touch controls because many games requires run and jump, and on retroarch it didnt work.

SMW is my go-to test ROM and I was able to beat lvl 1-1 without too much trouble. It’s still touch controls, though, so don’t expect any miracles.

Thanks they’re great! :slight_smile:

I added combo buttons on snes and retropad-fast, only in the big buttons of landscape position. Is it good now (you’ll have to update tomorrow I guess)?

(the green circles is just to see the combo is there, heh)

I’ll wait more feedback to change this in the other overlays

One strange thing I noticed:On the standalone emulator Super Retro 16, the touch controls worked like a charm, I can easily run+hold a turtle shell and jump on SMW, it works like a proper physical game pad, BUT only if the device is on the charger or running a CM based custom rom ( I noticed it on S3 and S5). With retroarch this strange behavior happens too, I’m afraid theres is nothing that could be done about it. BTW Im looking foward to test those combo button you added.

Other good game to test it out is DKC2. With Dixie try to run jump without perform hellicopter move.

I’ve been testing in recent days, after a while I got used, combo buttons work great! Can you tell me how te merge a simple overlay border with with your gamepad?

where can i get these nice overlays?


You should already have them, as they come with the standard package on mobile platforms. If not, you can fetch them from the online updater.

To enable them, go to settings > onscreen overlay > overlay preset and then navigate to gamepads > flat

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Config overrides updated.

A quick question guys. So i have this gamepad config and i want to have button B act as simultaneous button press (a+b+y). Is it possible to add something to the config so that i can achieve that?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

yes, if you look at the diagnonals, they just press both directions at the same time: overlay0_desc5 = “right|up,0.228125,0.61296,rect,0.03646,0.0648 1” you could extend that to a|b|y for a single button, I think. I’ve never done it, personally, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Dude, use the forum [ code ] to post stuff that big…

Why are you using the CPS overlay for Neo Geo games btw? Press in the small button with 4 circles/point (top right), it’ll change to the Neo Geo overlay. You’ll have the traditional neo geo layout, press the small button A in the top left to change it to SNES style.

I can add combo buttons for CPS and Neo Geo overlays, I know it’s quite common to use A+B+C for example in CPS-1/2, but I don’t know about Neo Geo. I know that The Last Blade use B+C+D for the super saiyajin guy.

PS: there’s a Neo Geo only overlay, neogeo.cfg, with 4 different overlays

Thanks for the answers. Apologies for not using the forum tools. I will try your suggestion hunterk :smiley:

It was just a quick screengrab i made a s an example. All King of Fighters games have charging on 3 simultaneous button press :stuck_out_tongue: I am usually looking for arcade friendly gamepads that mostly overlap the unused parts of my 16/9 screen. I will look into the neogeo.cfg as you suggested segio-br2, thank you!

Hy guys, me again :slight_smile: I’m alwas looking for ways to improve the overlay touch pad (to get it as close as i can to the fba4droid one, which is in my opinion the best out there). So, i was wondering what values affect the movable thumbstick touch area.

overlay3_desc9 = “nul,0.14583,0.73,radial,0.114583333,0.203703704” overlay3_desc9_overlay = thumbstick-pad_arcade.png overlay3_desc9_range_mod = 1.3 overlay3_desc9_movable = true

What i want to achieve is to expand the touch area a little further around the thumbstick, like 30% more.

Thank you!

Hey all, I put together a modified version of a few of these overlays for my own benefit so I decided to upload them here. Full credit to sergio-br2 for the original designs which look great. Changes I made: -Addition of pause, save state, load state, and fast forward toggle to the menu icons at the top -Removal of a few layouts per overlay for simplicity (featured layouts are large icon horizontal, large icon portrait, and the hidden layouts of each) -New layouts for 3DO, N64, NDS (enable quick switch display mode for best functionality–you can switch layouts with the button at the center bottom), and Saturn. -Slight changes to existing layouts (most major of which is standardization of the cross D-pad, but other smaller changes as well).

Otherwise note, I haven’t done extensive testing on these but so far they’ve done me well on my iPhone 6 and some of the upper menu bar options may not work for all games.

Download Link http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=38674219755963730582

Hi @atsumori, interesting :slight_smile:

Could you tell what’s the changes in the D-pad? I can’t see any difference on snes.

Pause and Select in the bottom instead in the sides may be a good idea, I can change that if more people complains about it. About the emu Pause button, it’s kind of redundant, when I want to pause game I just come back to Quick Menu. The others buttons bring some complexity to average/dummy users… I liked the icons, but I’m not sure to add them.

Saturn needs an analog button too.

@RaduNastase, did you find a better config to analog? I’m not really happy with it too. That example you give us, is it changed already? It’s from what overlay?