Frame Rate Drops on Lakka 3.0 PC

Hi all,

I’ve been testing my system and have not had any issues until I used Dolphin. I was able to get it to work, but am seeing some pretty big frame rate drops that I wasn’t expecting.

System Specs: -Running Lakka 3.0 Generic PC x64 -HDMI out of my GPU to a 4k 60HZ TV -CPU: Intel Xeon e3-1220 V3 -GPU: 1050 Ti -Vsync Disabled -Video Refresh rate set to 60 -glcore Video Driver -Audio Driver: Alsathread -All other settings default

I was previously on the Nvidia Vulkan build from a couple of years ago but thought it would be worth upgrading to Lakka 3.0 for the ongoing updates. When I was on the Vulkan build, I never had any frame drops. I understand Vulkan was dropped from Nvidia cards for whatever reason but would like to get my ability to play Gamecube games smoothly back.

Let me know if there are any settings or options I should try out.


Yes it is normal as we are using open source driver and it is not on par with the nvidia driver yet.

You should better use AMD or Intel graphics card on Generic platform as they are better supported than Nvidia. Nouveau team is doing a great jobs but they are restricted as Nvidia does not provide the firmware to reclock the GPU.

There is a reason why Linux Torvalds said “Fuck You Nvidia”.