G27 Wheel causes UI control issues


Hey all,

Any insight would be great. I decided to see if I could use my racing wheel on the Arcade cabinet I’m building for the old school racing games, A lil overkill considering the wheel abilities, but figured the simple analog steering input could really help smooth out games that need to over rapid tapping a button type control.

However when I plug the USB for my wheel into my laptop running lakka I see the yellow words stating G27 wheel found which I was amazed to see, but then my keyboard remappings (since thats how my "joystick is seen as another keyboard) don’t work, at least from boot. If I plug in the wheel after lakka has booted my keyboard controls only somewhat work. E.G. I can move only to the bottom menu item pressing down (num2), and only go back up the top item pressing up (num8) and I cannot navigate any items in between.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?


I was able to make a bit of head way with this issue… OK so here’s a bit of info:

  1. Since my “Joystick” (X-Arcade) is using a USB adapter that plugs into serial then into the Joystick system, so it’s interface when it comes to any system you use it on, will register as a Keyboard.

  2. Keyboard don’t seem to register on lakka as a device type, so no actual Joystick ever gets bound to “Port 0”

  3. with only these 2 devices plugged into my Lakka installation, and having bound all player 1 controls to “keyboard keystrokes” when I plug in the G27 wheel, Lakka considers this the only “Gamepad” thats available on the system, this is why you see the yellow Text “G27 Wheel connected to Port 0” Then by default Lakka wants to use the first “gamepad” to user one (You can see this under Input -> User 1 Binds -> User Device Index)

  4. The only way I was even able to figure this out was by plugging in a generic USB controller to take over “Port 0” and auto binds to player 1. This way with the generic USB gamepad being able to navigate the Lakka menu, I then plug in my gaming wheel and it shows “G27 wheel connected on Port 1”.

  5. Checking the user binds it seems it auto gave user 1 the USB generic gamepad, and user 2 the wheel.

  6. I tried to replicate this, however I found that once I moved User 1 Device index to the wheel I couldn’t control the Lakka menu anymore (I don’t have the shifter part connected, I do have it, but wasn’t connected) checking the bindings it appears most buttons are auto bound based on a cfg file I presume (awesome!) However, I had to use the keyboard to navigate.

  7. Once you change the User Device index for user 1, then unplug that device, it will not about bind to user 1 the next time you plug in a device… super weird… E.G. After having User one as generic USB gamepad, and switched to to wheel, I then disconnected the wheel hoping the generic USB gamepad would get auto bound back to player 1, it did not (even though it did when I fist plugged it in). So I rebooted the lakka setup… only keyboard plugged in… got into lakka, now when I plugged in the USB controller it did not bind to user automatically like it did the first time I plugged it in.

  8. Keyboard does not show up as a Device Index type to choose from in the User Bind options

So again it appears that since my Xarcade joystick shows up as a keyboard it’s making my life an extreme PITA…


Alright so using the gamepad trick I was able to navigate the Lakka menu after pluging in the wheel, and then I was able to have both keyboard inputs, and wheel inputs bound for player 1.

lil bit more tweaking and I’ll have what I’m going after… played a quick round of Outrun with it, and it was AMAZING!

One thing though… does anyone know how to adjust the steering ratio (sensitivity) a game or a core should be using? usually with windows you can adjust the wheel turn percentage.

This guys video is very similar… different hardware for emulation (doesn’t matter) and different (newer) wheel. But he simply binds his controls manually. I didn’t have to as Lakka seemed to have an appropriate config file to auto map everything for me… however he doesn’t seem to have the raito issue, once he truns a quater turn it shows in game as a full turn… I however have to turn my wheel several rotations to hit the max steer…