Game Save Files question and RA Save State Question

Raspberry Pi 4 Lakka OS: RPI4 nightly build arm (May 18 2021)

When saving a game does the game save file work with other cores of that system. IE Gameboy Advance (mGBA to gpSP). I saved my game while using the mGBA core and then later in my next session I tried to load that save file using a different GBA core such as gpSP but did not see it in the same game but different core used.

RA documentation (mGBA)

RA documentation for gpSP

  • What is the difference between battery and cartridge save state?
  • Are the RA save states compatible with the other GBA cores?
  • If I decide to backup my save on a USB Flash Drive which one should I use?

Have you tried to rename the savegames? (srm <->sav)
Savestates are not compatible with other cores. They are a “screenshot” of your current situation (core, settings, game)
Even with an updated core they can break.