GameBoy touch overlay

Hello, I want to share my GameBoy overlay.
I made it for my 5,2 inch screen (1080p), so I don’t know if it works well on other screen sizes and resolutions. Maybe you need to tweak your RetroArch video settings.
As you can see from the pictures my overlay is for portrait mode only.
I am not the author of the picture, I just edited it a bit.

Tap on “BATTERY” to show the position of hidden buttons, tap “GUIDE OFF” to hide them:

Tap the center of the screen for a screenshot. Tap “SHOW SAVE OPTION” to open the save menu and “HIDE” to close it:

My video settings are:

Aspect ratio: custom
Custom aspect ratio: 1.33
Custom aspect ratio x pos: 221
Custom aspect ratio y pos: 786
Custom aspect ratio width: 640 (4x)
Custom aspect ratio height: 576 (4x)
Integer scale: off

I use it on gambatte, so my optimal settings are:

GB colorization: internal
Internal palette: special1
Color correction: off
Emulated hardware: auto
Use official bootloader: on

I also use “dot” shader, found in handheld shader folder

Download link:



Hope you enjoy.


I love it! looks great!

Great effort. You have done a super job on tgis overlay. Hopefully it makes its way into the default overlays for download

It’s already in there :slight_smile:

I put it into misc, since it didn’t really fit cleanly into any of the other categories.

Thank you guys, I’m happy that you like it!
Those days I was working on a GBC version, this time I draw it.
You can now switch from GB to GBC overlay and viceversa by tapping on the GameBoy logo.
Here’s some screenshot:

With guide buttons:

And save menu:

I updated my first post, so you can download the new version from there.
Hope you all enjoy.


Wow this is some great work man, I absolutely love your overlays, they work perfectly on Android phones, any plans for a gba one?

Also btw hunterk can you add the gameboy color newest overlay to the default overlays please?

Thank you very much.
Yes, I had plans for a GBA one, but it’s not my priority because i will probably remake my GB/GBC overlays from scratch. I made them with an old format method and I’d like to update them. There are also some things to be fixed.
However, since my overlays are more pretty than playable, I made a bigger version (using newer cfg format, button lights up when pressed too)

Link in the first post.

Nice! I tried them and the bigger overlays are definitely better for gameplay, nice job man, any chance you could add the forward buttons and the a+b button to those overlays too?

The small ones are still prettier though :slight_smile:

If Retroarch for Android supported haptic feedback for overlays these overlays would be even more perfect. :star_struck:

I hope for haptick feedback too.

There is already A+B button, it is just between A and B, but i just added FastForward (Bottom right) and Rewind (Bottom left).

As always, link in the first post.

Your Overlay inspired this:

It would be cool if someone made a native gba touch overlay like that for RetroArch.

I added the “big” overlay from the OP to the built-in overlay repo, though I had to strip out the branding. I also used a little trick with the alpha_mod option to make some fake animations that are also triggered by the ‘show inputs on overlay’ option. It’s not as good as haptic feedback, but it makes it feel a little more “real”, IMO.

While I was at it, I did the same thing for a GBA touch overlay like the one in the previous post that I had been sitting on for over a year and just never published. It works on 1080p displays with 4x integer scaling.

They’re in the ‘gamepads’ directory, called gb-anim_portrait and gba-anim_landscape.

Holy shit just saw your post hunterk, amazing job!! That’s exactly what I was looking for! You rock!

I’m digging the buttons animations, really cool any way you could update the gb portrait overlay in the misc folder with those too hunterk?

Hi, I use the “big” overlay and have been customising it to fit my needs.

I have now redone the original back image and added a “save” image similar to your other overlays that switch between showing save options etc.

I’m struggling to find documentation on creating overlays, everywhere seems to direct me to which is a 404.

Would you be able to explain what overlay0_range_mod = 1.0 does?

How did you set up where your buttons were? e.g in the line: overlay0_desc14 = “menu_toggle,0.05000,0.52800,radial,0.041296,0.02323” How did you find 0.05000,0.52800, ? Was it just guesswork or are there tools?

Also I’d like my fast forward button to turn green when active and when I tried toggle_fast_forward|overlay_next (paired with a next_target) it just seemed to display nothing instead of the overlay.

And what about the desc for a mute audio button? Sometimes I’m playing with music and want to easily mute RA.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.

There’s been a lot of work on the docs lately, so many old external links are no longer correct. The same doc is here, though:

range_mod lets you keep a button held even if your finger moves away from it. I don’t think 1.0 actually does anything…? That is, I think that just makes it the same size as the visible button.

For the locations, they’re normalized, with 0,0 in the bottom left and 1,1 in the upper-right. So, 0.5,0.5 is in the middle horizontally and vertically, respectively. Beyond that, it’s mostly trial and error.

You can’t turn buttons colors, exactly. The only thing you can do on-press is make something partially or entirely transparent. So, you could put a green image of the button behind the normal version and then when you press it, use an alpha mod to make it fully transparent (i.e., so the green one shows through). Overlay_next moves to the next overlay (i.e., overlayX_descY).

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Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the info

Yikes wish me luck on the trial and error then!

I like this, similar to the way you make buttons feel responsive with 0.75 default alpha mod and having the buttons as their own images rather than on the default background. However would it work with a toggle fast forward? Otherwise is there a way to have a toggle fast forward button ALSO go to a different overlay? (One where I colour the button green)


Is there a link for what options there are for buttons? e.g menu_toggle, overlay_next. The only way I know of these is by downloading overlays from the repos and scraping through config files in an attempt to understand.

Mainly interested in a toggle for audio.


I’m not sure if all of these work, but many of them should:

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Thanks @ZilogZ92 & @hunterk I made this overlay using your info - unfortunately it doesn’t seem “Undo Save State” & “Undo Load State” are possible to be buttons so they’re useless, oops.

Most changes are obvious but I also added an invisible audio toggle on the “speaker” in the bottom right. I made it visible for a screenshot, see here:

Screenshots are from my S8+ not sure how it will all look on other devices.

Can be downloaded here:!H4oVjQ7C!4ncY9t6PG9Q3Yr3-aDFU8g

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Best overlay I have ever seen.