Gamecube and wii - rpi4

i know you can enable/install gamecube and the wii, but do they require a bios or other system file(s)?

that link is just for the wii u gamecube adapter. I don’t think RPi4 is fast enough for the dolphin-libretro core. Anyway, here’s the docs page for that core:

oh, thanks for the correction, i looked into it further and people are starting to develop dolphin for the rpi4. albet with low performance, once the rpi4 gets opengl es 3.2 and vulkan, things should improve.

anyways, heres the link

Dolphin requires a 64bit system which the RPi is not so it’s never going to work

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RPi4 is 64bit. The problem is that given if the system is upgraded to use the full use of opengl se. It will only be 3.2, which is enough to run dolphin but not well enough to be deemed, playable. The problem isn’t the cpu, its fast enough…with overclocking, the problem is the gpu

The hardware supports 64bit but the RPi Foundation only support 32bit drivers packages, making the software all 32bit

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That’s terrible…what’s the point then of 64 bit? Future proofing it?

Because 32bit is obsolete and ARM only manufactures 64bit SoCs now, but the RPi Foundation went the easy way and did not change their OS

Ok. I imagine they will start developing drivers soon, that’s if no 64 bit drivers already exist. Thanks for the info

64bit drivers already exist (you can just take the source code and build them for 64bit) but they are not supported. AFAIK everything works fine but for Lakka we aim for stability over cutting edge tech

People are used to downloading and running precompiled binaries / libraries for the RPi. Apart from the fact that it’s a very bad habit anyway, switching over to 64bit would probably break this, hence why I think they keep the old stuff around for so long

Yea but with the linux distros thinking about dropping support for 32 bit…eventually LibreElec, which I’m pretty sure lakka is based off of, or is it arch? But either or, they will be forced to go to 64 bit or stop upgrading and just keep updating that version of os. Am I looking at it the right way?

I don’t know the stance of LE regarding 64bit but yeah Raspbian will have to upgrade eventually

You know, it suddenly occurs do me - does this mean buying the 4GB rpi4 is pointless since you can only address 3.2GB of RAM?

Buying a 4GB rpi4 is pointless for emulation, no emulator that would run at decent speed on a low end soc will require that much ram.

The 32 bits limitation for ram is as follow : one application can’t use more than 3GB ram. Meaning several applications running at the same time can make full use of the ram.

Imho, the pi4 isn’t worth buying, the odroid n2 (released several months before the pi4) tag price was barely higher (especially if you account the need to buy a case with cooling & a micro-hdmi cable for pi4), it had better specs & 64bits software support.

The kernel is a 64bit with 32bit userspace compatibility mode. So it can address the full 4gb. And since you can’t mix 32bit and 64bit binaries and libraries in the same process, everything needs to be built as 32bit (at least for Lakka without multiarch support).

a 64 Bit OS is being built for Raspberry Pi 3-4

Check out this:

My pi 4 running lakka shows the games for game cube but doesnt show a core to use it with

Hey guys, I recently saw that Lakka 3.1 now supports Dolphin 64bits with Vulkan on the Pi 4. Have you seen any improvements?

Dolphin on RPi4 aarch64 will only run gl/glcore API at the moment (I think RPi4 Vulkan is v1,0, Dolphin requires v1.1)

It’s still pretty slow though, for example Zelda WW runs at about ~15fps.