GameHat support

I’ve recently picked up a GameHat: It’s quite a fun little thing but the drivers it uses are based on mk_arcade_joystick_rpi which is GPIO based.

My Linux-fu isn’t good enough to get this working with Lakka which is annoying because I much prefer it to using RetroPie.

Any thoughts?

Please open an issue so that we may integrate it for RPi platform.

Thank you.

Thanks. Will do. I love Lakka and want to run it on everything. I can get it working by installing Raspian and then RetroArch but I prefer the elegance of Lakka.

I’m trying to use Lakka with Waveshare game hat on my rp3a+ I followed the instructions on there but i couldn’t make it. Is this hat’s drivers still supported? Also i couldn’t find that driver on v4 and LE

Looks like the driver got lost in transitions between major version updates (change of base buildsystem from LibreELEC 8 to LibreELEC 9 and later to LibreELEC 10). I will try to recover the driver and add it to 4.x branch.

So as mentioned above - the Game-HAT is using mk_arcade_joystick_rpi driver, which is included in the image for all RPi platforms (except GPICase mods). Doesn’t it work with this driver? The driver provided by Waveshare does not build in the Lakka build system (probably as the driver was not updated to newer kernel - it is still the same driver source from 2018).

I just managed to do. I follow that steps and change 4 gpio on joystick.conf file and i choose GPIO Controller 2 from input menu. Now its working. Thanks a lot. my joystick.conf :

options mk_arcade_joystick_rpi map=3,4 gpio=11,17,27,22,10,7,25,24,8,3,15,14,2 gpio2=4,5,6,13,19,26,21,20,16,12,9,23,18

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