Games refusing to start (ps1,Dreamcast), glitchy polygons (N64)

Hey guys! I’m new to the emulation world and i’ve been trying to convert a Laptop that i bought at a garage sale into a retro emulation console, and Lakka seems like the perfect OS to use, here are the specs: Originally the laptop had 1GB of ram, but i upgraded it and it now has 2GB

i’m having problems with various consoles, specifically with the N64, Dreamcast and Ps1. When i load a game for the N64 on Mupen64, the screen goes to the Lakka logo and immediately goes back to the Lakka homescreen, the same happens for games on the Dreamcast (using Flycast) and ps1 games (with ANY emulator). However, when i load N64 games with the paraLLEl emulator, the games do start, but certain textures are invisible and there are weird pixels going all over the place.

I have placed the various BIOSes for each system in the correct folder, checked the spelling, verified the MD5 and tried to change GFX settings for the N64 games, but nothing will fix it.

What could the problem be? Is my laptop simply too weak, considering that SNES and 3DO games work like a charm? If anyone has any idea on how to help i would be really grateful

I bet emulators you use require higher specs gpu. Dreamcast and Ps1 are a far cry from snes.

The thing is, a couple of days ago i was screwing around with the ps1 emulator without the appropriate BIOSes, and yet the games i had were atleast booting up, and had generally no problems other than being slow, but now the emulators won’t even try running the games

That’s a 2005 opengl 2.0 card. That’s way too old to run a 3D console emulator of 2022. You have to stick with what’s running well or use some standalone like psxfin 1.3.

May be worth taking a look in the logs for any clues. I believe this is done via accessing the LAKKA share and for me, the log file(s) were under configfiles, retroarch, logs. There is also a logs folder under LAKKA but I don’t think this is being used. You would also need to enable logging within Lakka. I’m not sure if this is accessible from a Windows OS though (I use Linux).

As DariusG said, I think your setup may be a little old (especially Dreamcast). Not sure if LUDO would help you (memory wise)


As long that is only for retro I would install windows 7, emulation station and retroarch together with standalone fast emulators for Ps1, n64. Emulation station requires some manual configuring.

Not so much outright weak, but old and unsupported hardware really, the CPU is only 32bit (if it’s a 1st gen Pentium M) and the GeForce 6600 GPU only supports OpenGL 2.0 and not GLES, which may limit it with a few modern cores. In terms of real world emulation performance a Raspberry Pi 3 (let alone a 4) would probably run rings around it, which isn’t saying too much unfortunately.

You would need an average openGL 3.1+ card to run PS1 and N64 properly on RetroArch. I would say GeForce 9600gt or Hd4650. Maybe even faster than that.

For Lakka especially, it’s more important that a GPU is both open source and conformant, rather than being hugely powerful. This is why Intel IGP’s (and AMD APU’s) and RPi’s perform as well as they do.

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OpenGL 2.0 simply is out of spec for Dreamcast, PS1 and N64 (RetroArch).