GBA and PSP broken shaders

Hi guys, well as I say in the title…the gba-2x.slangp and psp-2x.slangp seem to be broken. I updated my slang shaders and tried to play around with the scaling options but the problem remains. It seems that the shader does not scale the picture correctly when applied.

Is there any chance to fixing these?

There was a big change to how the console border shaders work. I believe they are now essentially scale-agnostic, so you can load the one shader and set it to your preferences (and optionally save it as a core/game/content-dir preset).

I recommend deleting your old shaders_slang/handheld/console-border directory and then re-update your shaders. That should remove the old, broken versions that did not get overwritten by the update.

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Thanks that did it and actually when you set the scale (as indicated in the parameters) it is easier configured. That seems more handy too, instead of having many other scaling shader types.

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Yeah, that was our line of thinking as well. I’m glad that got you fixed up, and thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


copy paste from a post few days ago

Yes I also had the same issue, I think some changes happened to those presets. I just tried with a fresh instal and you have to do a manual shaders update. I suggest to delete (and backup) the shaders/shaders_slang/handheld/ folder


online updater -> update slangp shaders

Than launch a game:

Settings -> Video scaling -> Full

Quick menu -> Load shaders -> shaders_slang/handheld/console border/gba lcd grid v2.slangp

Then scroll down and change

Shader #1 Scale 4x -> Shader #1 Scale 5x

Then -> Apply changes -> then save shader’s settings as you like

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