Generic PS2 issues when reconnecting via Bluetooth

I have a generic PS2 controller (Shawain I think it comes up as). When I first connect it via USB it works as expected and when disconnected and connected via Bluetooth all good. However after pairing this way and the controller powers off or I turn off my Pi, when I press the PS2 button to get it to reconnect it is not recognized as a PlayStation controller and the button mapping is all wrong. When I connect it back with the USB it works as expected with Bluetooth but this is a little annoying to have to do each time

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I have had nothing but problems using knock-off playstation controllers, both ps2 and ps3. They are really just garbage.:wink:

You are much better off buying an inexpensive XInput controller.

For versatility, Logitech controllers can switch from Xinput to Dinput.