Gizmo blur shader

Just another ripoff from my crt shader. Uniform-nearest with parameterizable blur.


Source: gizmo-crt-shader/glsl_shaders/blurs at main · gizmo98/gizmo-crt-shader · GitHub


Shader is now part of libretro/glsl-shaders. It can be used to check, if a console or game uses tricks like genesis/megadrive, psx or n64. It has a slider for blur intensity for adjustment. Blur can be used to mix and hide dithering patterns.


Shader is now part of libretro/slang-shaders.

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I update the shader. The direction of blur seems to be important.

Take a look at the hair and knobs.

No blur

Blur value 0.65 with current right to left

Blur value 0.65 left to right (like a crt electron beam)