Glass + glcore


Today I noticed that the glass effect was inverted when applied to the pscx2 and dolphin cores.

The only difference between these cores and the others is that I use them with the glcore driver. Maybe this is the cause of the inverted image? Anyone else with the same problem?

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This is a problem with a number of the 3D Cores which address their render buffer from the bottom rather than the top. So within the shader pipeline the image is effectively upside down. Then after the shader pipeline retroarch flips the viewport coordinates.

I work around this in the Mega Bezel by having a parameter which flips the variables needed to apply it correctly.


Do you intend to fix it in the misc folder also?

Maybe at some point we can make a fix to retroarch to re-blit these image buffers in the graphics driver when they are received from the core to re-address them from the top. The shader pipeline would then get something right side up.

I think in most cases for the 3d cores/drivers the buffers need to be blitted when entering retroarch anyway.

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Do you mean am I going to add a parameter and fix glass? I wasn’t planning on this.