GLSL shader SLANG equivalent

Hi! I have been using this great and lightweight shader:

Sadly it doesn’t have a SLANG equivalent. There’s crt-gdv-mini.slang, that has the same parameters, but the scanlines interact with the colors differently and it’s not adaptive as the former, so the scanlines don’t go away in higher resolution content and moire creeps in.

If a more tech savvy person could help me with it, would be great, as I don’t really know how to code. In any case, thanks for all the work by developers and community.

I will bring it 1:1 with GLSL.

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Oh! It would be awesome if you could!!

Is there also a way for the corners to not pixelate unevenly when curving the image with warp parameters? It only happens in higher res content, as it curves smoothly in 240p. I assume this may means rewriting the code or making it heavier on resources, so if that’s the case forget what I said, as having it in slang would be cool enough.

It’s nothing special already did and pushed a PR to slang repository. To say the truth i knew it was different in slang and wanted to change it. Slang port was an older version of gdv-mini not done by me (i think was done by HSM).


Awesome! Thank you, have a great week!

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Great! Thanks for the update!