Good scanline shader for gameboy advance?


hi guys,

ive been trying to find a good crt/scanline shader for gameboy advance. i use crt kurozumi for snes but when i use it for gba the scanlines look too thick. can anyone suggest a good shader for gba or tweaks that i can make to kurozumi?

i tried crt easymode and a couple others but they didntt look right to me


Here are a few i found

You could also use these

In conjunction with this


Hi there, problem with the GBA is, that it is 160p instead of the usual 240p, that’s why it doesn’t look right. The Scanlines get much thicker and spaced this way, and afaik there never was never a game-console that put out 160p plugged into a TV.

Personally i would use a shader called lcd-grid-v2-gba-color in the handheld folder (cg shader). With a nvidia card that’ll begin to look strange, so you gotta swap the shader 0 with (handheld->shaders->lcd_cgwg).

That would give you the gba screen without the console border image. Kinda like you are looking at a giant gba-screen.

Won’t give you scanlines, but i think it’s worth a try. Cheers


cool, thank you. yah thats kinda what i figured when i looked up the resolution. i was hoping to find a way to tweak your shader or use another one to get a look similar to running the gamecube gameboy player in 240p. the best i could do was tweaking crt easymode a bit but that isnt perfect.

the best ive seen is this video where a guy ran 240p through xrgb mini with scanlines i was looking for something like this


in the ‘borders’ subdirectory, there are some ‘gameboy player’ presets that will put a border around the GBA image to bring it up to ~240p and one of them follows up with crt-royale, which you can then paste the parameters settings from kurozumi’s preset into.


hi kurozumi,

is it possible to scale the gba resolution to 320x240 and then apply your crt royale preset?


hi hunter, could you tell me how to do that? i tried to figure it out but couldnt


If you open the crt-royale-kurozumi preset with a text editor and scroll down to the bottom of the file, you’ll see a line that looks like:

parameters = "bunch;of;stuff;delimited;by;semicolons..."
bunch = "0.00-whatever"
of = "1.whatever"
stuff = "5.whatever"

copy all of that stuff and paste it at the bottom of the gameboy-player-crt-royale preset.


that did it, thank you! unfortunately it doesnt look right, i think the way that gameboy cgp scales it messes things up. do you know if its possible to scale the gba 160p to 240p and then apply kurozumi? ive been trying to figure that out


CRT-Royale with or without kurozumi’s settings looks weird, presumably due to scaling issues, but I got the concept working well with crt-aperture using a variation of a shader I use to play handheld games at native res on my arcade cab.

I uploaded it to borders/gameboy-player. It’s called gameboy-player-crt-aperture-1x.glslp. It should show up in the online updater’s glsl shaders soon and it looks like this (better with integer scale and moar pixels):

Note: you can replace crt-aperture with any single-pass CRT shader and it should work just as well.

EDIT: I didn’t realize the gameboy player was supposed to run at 480i, so I just updated the preset to mimic that behavior. I had to swap out crt-aperture for crt-geom to properly handle the interlacing flicker.


I agree completely! Royale with 160p and GBA just seems weird

@creamygarlicdip : Maybe there is a way, but i don’t know it, ususally CRT-Royale takes the input resolution of the core/game and scales accordingly to that


I’d like to use GBA-LUT from this Handheld Border Shaders thread. However it doesn’t seem to work on latest retroarch.


Use the ones that are already included with the shader bundles.