Good video settings for GB on GPi?

Anyone have any good settings for making the best out of the video for Gameboy games on the GPi running Lakka?

If you’re looking for a nice CRT effect, I find zfast is a good shader. If you want a sharp, clean pixel look, the sharp-bilinear shader is good for that.

GPi case is 320x240, right? I don’t think that there’s much you can do with that resolution

It would be interesting to know if there is something better than a simple bilinear filter for this.

Actually, the shader interpolation/quilez works quite nicely.

Not sure it runs well on the RPi Zero, though.

Oh yeah, most CRT shaders don’t play nice with resolutions that low. Hadn’t thought about that. Quilez should work nicely, and is something I’ve used before and hadn’t noticed any performance impact. Honestly though, I don’t see much difference in quilez vs sharp-bilinear at resolutions that low.