GPIO-KEY Overlay in Lakka 2.1.1 Not Working

Hey All

I’ve set up a RPi with latest build. Lakka 2.1.1 for my kids It in one of those NES cases

I’m attempting to use the GPIO for a few buttons, and as i understand, GPIO-KEY DT Overlay is confirmed to be in the overlay folder of the latest build.

Here is what i am adding to my config.txt

dtoverlay=gpio-key,gpio=26,label=STOP,keycode=105                          # doesn't work
# dtoverlay=gpio-key,gpio=26,label=STOP,keycode=KEY_LEFT           # doesn't work
# dtoverlay=gpio-key,gpio=GPIO26,label=STOP,keycode=105             # doesn't work
# dtoverlay=gpio-key,gpio=GPIO26,label=STOP,keycode=KEY_LEFT  # doesn't work

Anyway, thought i’d ask if anyone has had success with using this overlay

@Kivutar any thoughts here?

New issue in GitHub

I will love to see some answers in this post! Trying to build a portable RPI with Lakka. I’ve been watching this for months. Have you tryed the new 2.1.2 version?

A few solutions