GPU Suggestions for Dell Optiplex 790 SFF

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently been using Lakka on a Dell Optiplex 790 SFF, and I’m really enjoying the experience compared to running Lakka on my Raspberry Pi 3.

Every games system I now emulate works much better, and I think the latest release of Lakka has to be the best yet :grin:

But what I really want to be able to do is run a shader like crt royale at full speed, and I’m wondering if I get something such as a GTX 750 ti, will I be able to achieve this on regular Lakka? I’m also wondering if it will it improve performance on cores such as PPSSPP and Beetle PSX at higher resolutions, as I’m currently getting slowdown and crashes for both systems, running any higher than the native resolution.

My computer has an Intel i5-2500 apparently running at 3.3Ghz.

Thanks so much, Frank.

Yeah, I think it will help with those issues (at least the slowdown; I’m not sure sure about crashes).

Thanks so much for the speedy reply :slight_smile:

So will this graphics card in my computer be enough to run a demanding shader such as Crt Royale at full speed with systems up to ps1?

I won’t be using any shaders for Dreamcast, PSP, etc…

that depends on some other factors. It should be fine on a 1080p monitor/resolution. For PS1, it multiplies the shader along with the internal resolution, so if you’re going to use increased internal res with beetle-psx, make sure you’re using vulkan driver and the SSAA (supersampling) option to bring the output res back to native. Otherwise, the shader will look bad and will be running on 8x (or whatever) resolution than it should be.