Graphicscard advise!

I want to install Lakka on an old pc with a phenom black x4, i hope this is enough for wii, ps2 and gamecube games. I have alredy 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram and my motherboard is:gigabyte ultra durable motherboard ga-ma785gpmt-ud2h. This board has onboard graphics, manual says integrated in the nordbridge this integrated grsphics good/strong enough? Our is it better to buy a new graphicscard? Motherboard has and is the pci express x16, wich card should i buy then? Please your’e advice. Kind regards, Sam

I’m afraid not. Those cores require at least moderately fast, relatively new CPUs/GPUs to run full speed.

For Wii you need > 3.x ghz cpu and you will be ok but you need a more powerful gpu than the integrated. Try to find something like HD6870 and up will do the job

A used radeon rx 580 8gb is a good cheap card. Your CPU is a bit weak for the systems you mentioned. They may run @ native res (480p)

The old AMDs are comparatively worse than the Intel CPUs from that period, you’ll be probably better off looking for a used Intel i5 4xxx system or better. E.g. you can get something like a Dell Optiplex 7020 from Ebay and then probably put a low profile GT 1030 in there.

The CPU isn’t really that good per said, but it might be OK, Go with Intel for retro gaming seems like the way to go, especially when it comes to older computer.

In term of graphic card goes. I can tell you that a GT1030 will do everything perfectly. And its 30 to 35 watt power requirement allows you to put in pretty much any old business PC that has a PCI- e slot. Which again very good for retro gaming. The real downside of that GPU is that it is very expensive for what it is, Like $90 to $110. You can get a GTX 1050 Ti for like $50 more, and it is so much more powerful.

With all that said, if you are thinking about using some high end shaders, like realistic CRT shaders, you will need to step it up, because some of those shaders are meant to be run in 4K. Now you can run those in lower resolution, but expect things might looks weird, and sometime worst.

From my experience, 720p and 1440p are a good resolutions for the those shader, and 1080p always have problems for some reason, then of course 4K would be ideal, but then you are talking about a computer that can run AAA titles just to run PS2 or wii games.

i had a phenom x4 960t, for ps2 some games ran ok, others not so well. for gamecube games usually ran ok but for wii its a definive no.

Thank you all for the advice, installed lakka and indeed gamecube runs on the onboard graphicscard. I want to play games with this set on an old beamer, so 4k and work with shaders is not important for me! Hope it can play the ps2 for ex. Also still curious wich graphical card can do the job! Cuyo01 wich card did you have? Kind regards and thank you in advance Sam

Phenom II x4 960t 8 GB RAM DDR2 667 mhz GTX 760 OC 4GB

If Lakka is what you are gonna to use, which do not support PS2 well at the moment. For the record, wii is OK ish~ but is really hit or miss, especially when it comes to control. Anyway, for Lakka specifically, I would highly recommend you use the the best iGPU you can afford that no newer than the intel IRIS Pro 650 for now. As it tends to come with a better CPU as well. Both nvidia or AMD support isn’t the top of the line as no prosperity driver is being use on the standard built (I think). So you might not get the best performance out of those GPU anyway.

Due to the fact that the current Stable LAKKA is based on the older LibreELEC.

This is properly the best thing you can use for now, as newer one aren’t going to be supported. And I can’t tell you when will LAKKA 3.0 be release…

There are several small form factor PC that will do a pretty good job too. such as the Lenovo Thinkcentre m93p (with i5-4570T CPU). Or anything up to 7gen would be fine.

The point I want to made is that if you are going to do PS2 or Wii, don’t use LAKKA for now. and if you are going to use LAKKA, use intel with iGPU with the best 4th Gens and up to 7 Gens. As anything higher may not get supported. Or just wait for LAKKA 3.0, you will have a lot more options.

Hope this help.

Thank you for the quick reponse cuyo01 and iokzero! The nuc will be maybe a future project! I think to buy the GT1030 silent and 8gb ram extra, maybe blackfriday will give me any change to buy it at a lower price. I am realy hooked on Lakka and play with it on a s905 chin.tvbox. But we have to wait for lakka 3.0. For the time being can experiment with an other arcade os. What about batocera? Or other tips? Windows 10 lite? ? Thanks in advance! Sam

I am running Batocera with GT1030. And it works great. mainly because I want a quick way to launch and play PS2 games. One thing to notice is that Batocera don’t enable the proprietary driver by default. You have edit some file to enable it, but it is pretty easy to do. Without it, it may seem it run fine at first, but it is actually night and day when you have it enable. Getting wii game configured might drive you nut, but it is not totally Batocera’s fault, part of it, is just native of the wii.

If you are running windows, us BigBox. extremely customizable, but it cost another $50.

Totally agree that Lakka is running great. if you don’t care much about PS2 especially, it is simple yet minimum. and come with a slick interface.

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