Help restoring hidden settings menu in Lakka 2.1/RA 1.5

So, i’ve gotten my Lakka/RetroArch install in a state in which, I cannot access or even figure out how to bring back the menu item for setttings including network settings, and overall button mapping.

I found the setting to disable in the settings menu itself. Luckly I enabled WiFi and had it connect to my local AP and can SSH, but looking directly at the .config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg file, i cannot find anything that has restored the settings menu.

What item is it? is it even in this .cfg file?

I may simply end up re-installing but it would be good to know anyways for the future.

using Lakka-Generic.x86_64-2.1-rc4.img on a PC laptop.

maybe this can help you…

I have the same problem, I can’t figure out to bring back the settings on my lakka.

Could someone help about this???

settings > user interface > show advanced settings ON

But I can’t acess the settings because the settings is hidden.

Oh, I see. You need to follow this documentation to open your retroarch.cfg and change the line xmb_show_settings from “false” to “true”:

I was modify the line, however the option was already marked “true”, I tried to put It to “falar” and then to “true”, bit the settings didn’t appear.

What can I do to make the settings appear???

The parameter is menu_show_advanced_settings = "true" ?

Also as mentioned in the doc, don’t forget to stop RA before editing the configuration file.

To anyone googling this issue, if you enabled Kiosk mode (and Settings is gone), you can undo do it in your C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\RetroArch\retroarch.cfg

kiosk_mode_enable = "false"