Help, Screen artifacts with multipass shaders


Hi everyone, I’ve been working on a combination of shaders to be cool with 3d / 2d games of psx and n64, for me it was cool, but strangely, some artifacts appear on the screen, follow the picture for you to see:

Here is the result I got:

I tried to find which shader was causing this, and it was the multipass super-8xbr-3d-pass from 0 to 5, I moved from Nearrest to linear and improved a bit but still with those artifacts.

Here is my shader combination: Shader Passes 16

mdat-pass0.glsl Nearrest Don’t Care

mdat-pass1.glsl Nearrest Don’t Care

mdat-pass2.glsl Nearrest Don’t Care

mdat-pass3.glsl Nearrest Don’t Care

mdat-pass4.glsl Nearrest Don’t Care

super-8xbr-3d-pass0.glsl Linear Don’t Care

super-8xbr-3d-pass1.glsl Linear Don’t Care

super-8xbr-3d-pass2.glsl Linear Don’t Care

super-8xbr-3d-pass3.glsl Linear Don’t Care

super-8xbr-3d-pass4.glsl Linear Don’t Care

super-8xbr-3d-pass5.glsl Linear Don’t Care

lanczos2-sharp-3d.glsl Linear Don’t Care

aa-shader-4.o-level2-pass1.glsl Nearest Don’t Care

aa-shader-4.o-level2-pass2.glsl Nearest Don’t Care

3xbrz.glsl Nearest Don’t Care

crt-hyllian-3d.glsl Nearest Don’t Care