Help, Screen artifacts with multipass shaders.


Hi everyone, I’ve been working on a combination of shaders to be cool with 3d / 2d games of psx and n64, for me it was cool, but strangely, some artifacts appear on the screen, follow the picture for you to see:

Here is the result I got:

I tried to find which shader was causing this, and it was the multipass super-8xbr-3d-pass from 0 to 5, I moved from Nearest to linear and improved a bit but still with those artifacts

Here is my shader combination: Shader Passes 16

mdat-pass0.glsl Nearrest Don’t Care mdat-pass1.glsl Nearrest Don’t Care mdat-pass2.glsl Nearrest Don’t Care mdat-pass3.glsl Nearrest Don’t Care mdat-pass4.glsl Nearrest Don’t Care super-8xbr-3d-pass0.glsl Linear Don’t Care super-8xbr-3d-pass1.glsl Linear Don’t Care super-8xbr-3d-pass2.glsl Linear Don’t Care super-8xbr-3d-pass3.glsl Linear Don’t Care super-8xbr-3d-pass4.glsl Linear Don’t Care super-8xbr-3d-pass5.glsl Linear Don’t Care lanczos2-sharp-3d.glsl Linear Don’t Care aa-shader-4.o-level2-pass1.glsl Nearest Don’t Care aa-shader-4.o-level2-pass2.glsl Nearest Don’t Care 3xbrz.glsl Nearest Don’t Care crt-hyllian-3d.glsl Nearest Don’t Care

My n64 emulator is Mupen and its internal resolution is set to 1920x1440 and that of the Mednafen Hw psx is set to 8x internal resolution.

Follows PC configuration: Core i7 7700HQ 12gb ram GTX 1070 8GB M.2 240GB Windows 10

updated windows 10 and all updated drivers

Desde Ja agradeço :smiley: