Help with Hatari core

Seems this is the only core that can load Atari ST roms, however there are practically no core options at all so i don’t know how to configure things.

One issue is that it doesn’t auto-load all games. Some do autoload but most of them just throw you to the operating system and you have to double click the executable to run the game.

Another issue is that some games seem to have no controls. I have never managed to get past the “select your character” screen in Alien Syndrome, for instance. There is no input from the gamepad or the keyboard when i look that screen. Same with other games like Altered Beast.

Is there anyone who can help with this core?

I’m trying to fix this issue but i can’t find anything online. Basically, Hatari doesn’t recognize any of my controllers:

Standalone Hatari doesn’t have this issue, it sees my 360 controllers fine. I’m using the same TOS image for both but the Core version insists not seeing my controllers. Any way to fix this?

Btw, i can’t use the keyboard option either. When i press “Define Keys” nothing happens. On standalone it opens a bind keys wizard.

Is the core version broken?

I’ve never used it myself but I know people do successfully. Have you gone to the quick menu > controls and made sure your device type is set to something sensible?

Yes, there aren’t any options to choose anyway, just the retropad. Either that or “none”.

Note that this issue doesn’t affect all games. Many do respond to inputs despite not detecting the controller. But other games like Alien Syndrome and Altered Beast act like there is no device attached at all.


Hi, I have the same issue (W10, RetroArch, DS4 controller).

I can control the cursor in Hatari with my controller but this does not translate into controlling the game.

As per the screenshot in the OP I do not have the option to select my controller as I do in the stand-alone Hatari.

Same issue here (Odroid Go Advance, Emuelec distro). No joystick choices in the config.

Seems there isn’t any interest for this core :frowning:

I’ve had the exat same problem ever since I’ve tried using the Hatari core. It doesn’t register my controller at all. Standalone Hatari does work, but it’s really not ideal. It doesn’t read .ipf files for example.

Create a folder inside config, rename it to core name hatari or whatever is the core name. Then open standalone hatari, save your configuration there as hatari.cfg

Controlling the mouse cursor and button w/ a joystick/button works, but games definitely aren’t working. I’ve tried Plutos, Time Bandit.

I’m also on an Odroid Go Advance.

@GemaH - What games are working for you? I’d at least like to see if I’m having the same behavior with my device.

Addams Family controls work.

I’m on Windows. For me, the following games work with joystick/gamepad:

Barbarian, Blood Money, BMX Simulator, Bomb Jack, Goldrunner, Great Courts 2, Karate Kid 2, Metro-Cross, Microprose Soccer, Nebulus, Oids, Rainbow Islands, Rick Dangerous, Super Sprint, Trailblazer, Winter Games, Wizball, World Games, Xenon.

And these don’t: Buggy Boy, Alien Syndrome, Plutos (but they work with hatari standalone)

In other words some games work some don’t. I don’t know what’s the deal with that and i have given up hopes that this core will ever be fixed so i’ll just use a different emulator.

The only alternative within retorarch is mame. I’ve been testing retroarch mame with atarist-option 2 years ago, and it worked ok-ish. Plutos for instance worked pretty good.

Tried out Goldrunner as it was listed as working. No go for me. I have the same issue as @GemaH. In the Hatari menu I see “None available”.

If you look at Github, you’ll see that some work was done and some commits are waiting to be merged, so maybe major issues with the core are resolved in the near future.

Hi everyone!

Has anyone managed to auto-load a game on the hatari core?

Cheers, thanks in advance

Still same problem, in this case testing with F-19, joystick works within GUI, but not ingame, no device available on list.

Works fine here. You need to configure your controller properly. I have mine setup with right trigger to switch between mouse/joy control. Left trigger for hatari menu. Left shoulder brings up virtual keyboard. Right shoulder brings up status bar. R3 keyboard shift. L3 keyboard page 2. Start mouse pointer speed up. Select mouse pointer speed down. Works great. Also in hatari core options enable joystick 2. I’ll upload my remap & core cfg somewhere later if it helps.

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