Help with NNEDI3

Guys, I increased the internal resolution to 8x in PSX HW core, put the shader nnedi3 luma 2x and nothing happens. I just want to know how I do for the nnedi3 to work in a screen upscaled to 8x. Please, help.

Post a verbose log and I can take a look, but I’m guessing it’s just too heavy for your GPU.

Hello, hunterk. Sorry for the long delay in answering. Real life had not been easy in the last few days. :sweat_smile:

I took some photos of the screen with the game Chrono Trigger PS1. First image: 1x internal resolution - no shader.

Second image: internal resolution 1x - nnedi3. It worked.

Third image: internal resolution 2x - nnedi3.

Fourth image: internal resolution 4x - nnedi3.

In all the images in which I applied the shader, it actually was implemented. However, when the internal resolution has been increased, the shader looks like it can not “see” the image and no effect is applied!

Is there a way to make the shader “see” the image with increased internal resolution?

One more thing, hunterk: when I change the video driver to “glcore”, the nnedi3 shader also has no effect. Could you check it out?

Thank you!

ah, yeah, no effect with increased IR. That’s normal with shaders like that (and xbr, hqx, scalefx, etc.). The increased resolution breaks the pattern detection.

And yes, it doesn’t work with gl_core. We’re not sure why.