Help with Teensy Gamepad

Good afternoon, all.

I’ve got a portable built using a Teensy ++ 2.0 as a USB gamepad with 4 analog inputs (LX, LY, RX, RY). In Windows, everything works great. In Lakka, it will let me map my buttons, but afterwards, it will never register them to work. As any FYI, the USB device shows up as “Teensy Serial/Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick”, but I don’t think that affects anything since it let me map my buttons. Then, after a while of Lakka sitting there and not letting me press anything, it will shut down my board and completely drop the mapping I just did. What am I missing? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have already used a Teensy as a controller in Lakka so it’s definitely possible.

You should make a joypad autoconfig profile for your mapping and see if it’s properly loaded on boot

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I tried and it said that there was an “Error saving auto config”