Here's a list of 4k vertical Cab Bezels

I have put together a quick spreadsheet with all 4k Vertical Bezels I could find. best viewed in Excel as the links work best.

Anyway, If you have your own or know of other bezels i have missed, please let me know so i can update. let me know rom name, game name, creator and link. Or just where I can find it. I know there are other vertical bezels, but at 2k, I am thinking to make a list of those, but when i get time :wink:

@ArsInvictus, @Dreamstate and Vcabinet creator, your Bezels should all be listed here, I’ll try to keep it up to date.


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Thanks so much, this is awesome!

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Updated the sheet with more 4k bezels. If you know of more please let me know.


@PapaShine I added your 4k bezels to on the list. will try to keep track.

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Thanks @Briball, honoured to be included :slight_smile: I have a whole load of them which I’ll try and sort soon so if you feel it’s easier to share access to the list perhaps we can add the links as we go to help share the responsibility and save you from being bogged down too much!

It’s a great resource to have, nice to see it growing!

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Hello! I’m a new poster here, though not entirely new to the community. I’ve been working on vertical overlays myself for the past couple of months, and I just launched a website,, to give them a more permanent home. My intent is to try to build it into something of a hub for the community, not just stuff I’m doing. I’ve been chatting with ArsInvictus on Reddit about collaborating in some way, and he looped me in to what you guys have been doing recently (I have been following his thread for quite a while), you guys are doing some great work!

My stuff is currently all in MAME, not Retroarch yet, though I intend to port it over soon. My focus so far has been primarily on American manufacturers and mid-to-late 80s/early 90s games, the heyday of Atari, Bally Midway and others. ArsInvictus has been really helpful and I definitely learned some stylistic ideas from him, and I’m excited to contribute to the growing community around vertical overlays. Anyway, I will keep an eye on everything going on here and hopefully participate in the discussions soon!


@Thoggo Wow really nice site, and cool overlays ( I liked the TRON one, was high on my list to do, well Discs of Tron mostly) also the qwerky Cabs and well if you’ve seen my stuff you know I like the CPO’s too. I try and work them in if I can and make one without.

When I get time I’ll try to grab your stuff and add it to the sheet, if you want, which is getting pretty big now.


Welcome to the forums @Thoggo! We’re looking forward to partnering on these overlays and building up the great site you put together!

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Welcome, WELCOME! I just checked out all your work yesterday at Ars request and it’s pretty amazing. Skills rivaling the best I’ve seen. One question I had after looking was, what are the additional artwork files that look like cardboard cut outs? I’ve seen them before in one others works and was just curious.

Thanks everyone for your kind words! Glad to be a part of the community, and I look forward to working with you guys.

To answer your question Dreamstate, most of my overlays have what I call presets, which are just different versions – usually multiple screen sizes, screen shapes (a curved screen port for curvature shaders, a straight rectangle for everyone else) and also usually a darker version, which sort of simulates more of a dark arcade look. The “cardboard cutout” files you see are translucent PNGs that go on top of the main overlay to create that darker look – originally I just had multiple full-color PNGs for each but I realized I can get the same look with a far smaller file size this way. You’ll see what I mean if you install one of them (this only works on MAME as I understand it, not Retroarch).


Yep, just discovered that as i was altering your eprom marquees. It’s a great simple way to save size rather than darkening parts of another whole file in the folder. Cool! I’ve been doing it the other way lol. I gotta say that the control panel you did on eprom is so damn good. The 3d effect is spot on. I wanna mash those buttons they look so real.