Hid-nintendo kernel module & joycond userspace

Are dkms hid-nintendo and the joycond userspace included in the lakka distribution? If not, is there a package manager which can install them? I’d like to use both a switch pro controller (licensed and official) as well as the joycons but neither is functioning correctly and I think its related to hid-nintendo vs bluetooth only.


Hey, I’m not sure whether the hid-nintendo and joycond drivers are included (I’m going to guess not), but there is definitely not a package manager to add them.

For which platform you want to use it ?

We have enabled hid-nintendo by default but it has been disabled for now the time we can rebase the patch and joycond is available for Generic, RPi and Switch.

We might need later on to update joycond as we are using a version until this commit ?

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Hey @gouchi running the generic build on a late 2012 mac mini. My main controllers are all Nintendo or for Nintendo. I do have a dualshock 3 around somewhere I haven’t yet tested.

I did get my DS3 controller tested last night and it works mostly great. However I’m having issues with it having any control in snes and nes titles. At any rate, hoping my pro controller can work correctly… is there some mechanism for enabling hid-nintendo or will there be a forthcoming patch?

Yes it should be re-enabled in future version.